Early Problems for Dallas

I have not really had a chance to actually sit down and look at the ’09 season schedule. I finally did this morning and a few things concern me about it.

Fiirst of all we play 3 of our first 5 games on the road at Tampa Bay, Denver and Kansas City.

Denver and Kansas City did not finish with very good records last year but going up to ‘Mile High’ can be one of the most difficult places to play in the whole league. Arrowhead Stadium is always a sea of red and those fans are ranked up there with any other fans in the league, they love their Chiefs and always have that play rocking.

Our Cowboys begin the year in Tampa Bay playing the Buccaneers. They beat the Bucs last year in Dallas without Romo (due to injury). Dallas should be a favorite in that game but beginning the season on the road, no matter who you play, can be very difficult.

The best thing about the first 5 games is that we get 2 back-to-back home games. The first game in the new stadium against NFC East rivals the New York Giants in week 2 and the Carolina Panthers in week3. Both NY and Carolina have the ability to beat Dallas and both should be very good games.

The last 5 games of the season prove to be very difficult ,again 3 out of 5 on the road. This might be one of the toughest 5 game stretches in the entire league @Giants, vs Chargers, @Saints, @Redskins, vs Eagles.

Now if that is not a gauntlet I do not know what is. This includes all 3 division opponents – New York and Washington on the road, plus the season finale against Philly(who destroyed us last year in the season finale with a playoff birth up for grabs).

Then we travel to New Orleans against arguably the best offense in the league last year followed by a home game against the San Diego Chargers, who will have LB Shawn Merriman back in their arsenal.

Dallas is notorious for coming up short in December and this year will be very hard to break with this stretch of extremely hard games.

I am very excited about the upcoming season.  GO COWBOYS!

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