Final Mock Draft of 2009

Another crazy year of mock drafts has come to an end. If I’ve learned anything from previous years of mocking the Cowboys, it’s that you just can’t predict it. Jerry is a wheeler and dealer and no one is gonna change that. So I imagine, there will be other deals, some even involving current players, that will happen on draft day, that I simply won’t predict. The best I can do is predict a player’s worth and our want for that player at our specific picks. The following mock is my final prediction for the Cowboys in the 2009 draft.

 51. Louis Delmas S Western Michigan

I finally have a favorite at safety and here he is. My prediction is that he is the starting strong safety before the end of the year.

69. Tyrone McKenzie OLB South Florida

The only other OLB in our range I like better is Clint Sintim and he’s gone in the second round. Tyrone will have a year to learn behind Ware, Spencer and Ellis.

101. Jason Phillips ILB TCU

For me, it’s a toss up between Jason Phillips and Scott McKillop, but word has it that Jerry is high on this Texas Christian prospect and would be a great fit playing inside linebacker in Wade’s 3-4.

117. Sammie Lee Hill DT Stillman

A massive run stuffing nose tackle. Exactly what we need to move forward in 2010.

156. Domonique Johnson CB Jackson State

Depth for a very young and thin cornerback group.

166. Deon Butler WR Penn State

A speedy receiver/returner who makes the roster returning punts.

172. Alex Boone OT Ohio State

Some character concerns drop Alex nearly out of the draft, but with some love, Alex is turned into a solid backup behind Flo and Colombo.

197. Dallas Reynolds C/OG/OT BYU

This is my sleeper pick and also our future starter at left guard. Anyone who’s been following my mocks this season know of my man-crush for Mr. Reynolds. He is our new utility o-lineman (Cory Procter) for the up-coming year.

208. Cullen Harper QB Clemson

I’m not positive this is the pick, but Cullen is my clear-cut favorite amongst the 2nd tier QB’s in this draft. He has all you would want in a young QB, ready to learn from two of the best, Romo and Kitna.

210. to Denver along with pick 227, Corey Procter and Doug Free for a 2010 4th round pick

227. to Denver

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    I hope you’ve been in contact with Wade and Jerry because if we get even half of these guys we will be sittin’ pretty! Great job!

  2. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    I gotta hand it to you Nate. I just read three other mock drafts on other Cowboys sites, and none of them have compared to the ones you have posted on our site.

    Your selections have been well thought out, cleverly crafted and accurately indicative of what the Cowboys may very well do on Draft Day.

    I just wanted to let you know that your analysis has been spot on, and miles ahead of the other sites who looked like they randomly drew names out of a hat.

    Great job!

  3. mattwb1981
    mattwb1981 says:

    I would love Louis Delmas with our first pick, but he’s probably the best safety in this draft, but he does have a late 1st to early 2nd round grade. So anything is possible! I would also love Hakeem Nicks, receiver out of North Carolina! If there is any way we can get those two guys with our first two picks, then from that point on, let’s just draft for backups on the offensive and defensive fronts!

  4. Josh
    Josh says:

    Ok i love this mock draft nate but one thing is the Louis Delmas starting part…i mean why do some of yall think that Sensabaugh will lose his starting job cause hmmmm thats why he was brought here BECAUSE HE CAN COVER and is a GREAT Safety and will be the Cowboys Starting Safety for years to come

  5. mattwb1981
    mattwb1981 says:

    Well I don’t think the Cowboys are convinced that he is the for sure answer at the strong safety spot. Why did we only sign him for a one year deal, and if he is such a great safety, and why did the Jag’s part ways with him? Plus can you really count on him? with all his off the field problems? We will see!

  6. Josh
    Josh says:

    the only off the field problem is that the police here in mine and his hometown is that they profile him and pull him over for no reason and follow him to places and then put him under arrest while he gets a hair cut and about the 1 year deal that is becasue the Cowboys have limited Cap Space this year and they need to keep most of it open to sign Ware to MASSIVE contract

  7. Josh
    Josh says:

    the first 2 times were just traffic violations it was the third time he did nothign at all that they profiled him i mistyped that last comment

  8. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    I don’t think drafting a safety is a ‘knock’ on Sensabaugh. Its an important need that the Cowboys have to address.

    Strong Safety
    Gerald Sensabaugh – Pat Watkins – Tra Battle

    I don’t believe thats what you consider depth.

    I would also like to say, I wish the Cowboys had a Zero Tolerance Policy.

  9. DoomsDay Beast
    DoomsDay Beast says:

    #51 I would love Jerron Gilbert DT/DE and can play OLB the boy is a freak of nature, youtube him and check him out, how powerful and explosive he is off the snap, and what motor he has, the kid has amazing hand and footwork.
    #69 I like Wr Mohammad Mossaquai, he can flat out play, has excellent speed and agility to go along with the hands.


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