Free Agent WR’s That Remain

After seeing that we only drafted one WR and only have 2 coming in as undrafted rookie free agents. I figured I would take a look and see who was still out there that could serve as a # 3 or #4 reciever if they come in and earn the job should Dallas sign one of them. This List only Contains WR’s that have been Released or are UFA’s, let me know which of these WR’s if any of them could help us this year at the #3 or #4 slot if they earn it.

  1. Drew Bennett-8 yrs in NFL
  2. Shaun Bodiford-3 yrs in NFL
  3. Marty Booker-10 yrs in NFL
  4. Drew Carter-5 yrs in NFL
  5. Jason Carter-2 yrs in NFL
  6. Keary Colbert-5 yrs in NFL
  7. William Franklin-2 yrs in NFL
  8. Mike Furrey-5 yrs in NFL
  9. D.J. Hackett-5 yrs in NFL
  10. Dante Hall-9 yrs in NFL
  11. Marvin Harrison-13 yrs in NFL
  12. Ike Hillard-12 yrs in NFL
  13. Darrell Jackson-9 yrs in NFL
  14. Matt Jones-4 yrs in NFL
  15. Joe Jurevicius-11 yrs in NFL
  16. Ashley Lelie-7 yrs in NFL
  17. Brandon Lloyd-6 yrs in NFL
  18. Dane Looker-8 yrs in NFL
  19. Shaun McDonald-6 yrs in NFL
  20. Tab Perry-4 yrs in NFL
  21. Jerry Porter-9 yrs in NFL
  22. Koren Robinson-7 yrs in NFL
  23. Edell Shepherd-5 yrs in NFL
  24. Amani Toomer-13 yrs in NFL
  25. Reggie Williams-5 yrs in NFL
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  1. KingStunned
    KingStunned says:

    I think Ashley Lelie would be a great addition to our roster. Over 6′ tall and pretty good hands to match. Just my opinion though.

  2. ken B
    ken B says:

    Matt Jones and Shaun McDonald Has the best hands of the bunch ,Matt Jones will be the best opposite Roy Williams and is a Big Target McDonald plays well in the slot..Koren Robinson has the Talent but can he keep his head in the game …Drew Bennett( Can’t stay Healthy) ,Ashley Lelie(NO WAY he stinks + Jerry Porter hes damaged from being in Oakland…

  3. Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley says:

    Ok yall seem to be forgeting the point of this post its not for the #2 reciever we have that already his name is MILES AUSTIN this post was to see if we could find a #3 or #4 to be reliable and expose defenses if need be

  4. ken B
    ken B says:

    The point is to get the best receiver that can produce, don’t get me wrong like Austin and he looked OK as a 3rd WR But as a #2 he till has a lot to show..Cowboys need someone to draw the double team off Williams and when teams put a stronger corner on Austin he didn’t show u.. i want to see the best WR we can get not a 4th receiver that can’t Step up when called on to be a # 2 and remember Austin has not played a full season yet !!!

  5. Marty
    Marty says:

    Wow I can’t believe everyone is so bugged about receiver. Do We really need another receiver? Look at the Texans with ANdre Johnson, you can’t tell me they have wo awesome recievers. They have one great one and the rest. Do the Steelers have two great receivers? No! We have what we need guys trust me. Roy is a great number 1 receiver, Crayton is a vet receiver who is reliable and can make plays happen, and e have to other guys who I believe will really step up this year, Miles Austin and Sam Hurd. I believe Miles will prove to be a Terry GLenn type of reciever catching the deep passes way down field. Go back and watch the Packer game last year. Look for Miles in that game. Sam Hurd is another good number #3 receiver, he just got the injury bug last season. Now here another awesome receiver you guys aren’t mentioning, Jason Witten the Tight End!! Behind Tony Gonzales I think Witten is the best Tight End ever! Behind Witten we have Bennett another great player who loves being a Cowboy. So where in all this talent do we need a receiver so bad??? I just don’t get all the hoopla. You need a team not a team full of stars. Look at the Yankees all talent no heart! I love the yankees by the way, but we suck this year. ANyway, thats all I think about that.

  6. ken B
    ken B says:

    Franky the WR’s the cowboy have should be OK and Witten will have a Monster year and Romo will be able to spread the ball around even more without trying to make sure just one Receiver get there touches.. but if they where looking into signing a Receiver i hope they would look best they can get for the Money and it all about the money (right Jerry)


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