Let’s Get Things Rolling Around Here

Monday was the first day of a 14 week off-season voluntary workout sessions for the Cowboy players. Josh Ellis at Dallas Cowboys.com reported that there was great attendance. The Cowboys strength and conditioning coach Joe Juraszek said,
“This year they are focusing on establishing camaraderie, all we want to do are more things together as a group start and finish as a group. They work together, do things together, start the day together, finish the day together.”
“Most of the roster had been at Valley Ranch to work out  in anticipation of the beginning of the conditioning program, and all of the players were either in attendance or accounted for Monday” Joe added, “I was real excited about having our guys back, they were happy to see each other. It went well.”
What I didn’t know, and I am sure most of you did, is that although players are not required to attend the 56 workouts, they are pushed by coaches and their wallets.
A player would have to show up to exercise 4 days a week for 14 weeks to earn his off-season workout bonus in their little contract incentive. 
All these years I thought the players that attended were really wanting to get a head start on the rest of team, be in the best shape they could be in.  Now I learn they get paid to do that too. Is there anything they don’t get paid to do? 
Oh well…  you gotta love em.  Surely there are a few players that show up for that reason, for the love of the game. The ones that don’t, must have great agents.
  1. nate
    nate says:

    great blog raina! I was wondering how this week was going. great to hear there is a closer family attitude this year. cant wait for the draft. hope we get some more high character guys to come in and add to the already strong roster we have.