Looking At The Late Rounds

The draft is only days away and the mock drafts have been put up. I was asked to do one but…Nah.

To be fairly honest, I really don’t like the draft class this year. Mainly the secondary class. They’re either bad tacklers or too slow, they hit too soft or they drop interceptions. All this over analyzing can give scouts headaches.

So who do we get as the 51st pick in the draft. It’s obvious that with the loss of Roy “Not so Superman” Williams and Anthony Henry we need secondary power. So instead of looking in the free agent 5 dollar bin at Wal-Mart, we look to the draft.

The one thing Dallas is hit or miss on, is drafting corners and safeties. It’s not likely that a Terrence Newman type player will fall into our laps again – well, maybe in the 6th round. This is why I’m not focused on the 2nd and 3rd round picks we have but more on the 9 picks we have after that. Come on now, late round draft picks are best due to the fact that they’re the hungriest.

In the NFL they cut 4th, 5th and 6th draft picks like breathing. But some of them refuse to be cut. Like Bradie James, 103rd pick; Marion Barber, the 109th pick; Tashard Choice, 112th pick; Nick Folk, 178th pick; Patrick Crayton, 216th pick; or Jay Ratliff, 224th pick.

I don’t see us getting more than two over-looked players but the 4th to 6th round is the real meat and potatoes to me. A lot of Pro-Bowlers came from these rounds and a few Hall of Famers. Either way I’m watching our first pick and maybe our second pick. The real test for all of our rookies will be the training camp where we can really see their hunger and heart for the game.

Let’s go Boys’!

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Its amazing what can be found in the later rounds, youre absolutely right! Plus the kids who go early – well more than half the time they have big heads and end up busts. I’m just saying 51 might be a nice spot to get a decent player. Ready for the weekend!


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