NFL Draft Day Central – Live Chat – Day 2

This morning, the Dallas Cowboys will basically control the flow of the draft with the boatload of picks they have accrued including the two additional ones they acquired on day one of the draft, when they traded their one second round pick to Buffalo.

As we did during Day One, we will continue to update this post as the Cowboys make their selections.

A dozen picks for the ‘Boys to play with:

No. 69 (third round) – OLB Jason Williams – Western Illinois
No. 75 (third round) – OT Robert Brewster – Ball State
No. 101 (fourth round) – QB Stephen McGee – Texas A&M
No. 110 (fourth round) – OLB Victor Butler – Oregon St.

No. 120 (fourth round) – DE Brandon Williams – Texas Tech
No. 143 (fifth round) – CB DeAngelo Smith – Cincinnati
No. 166 (fifth round) – S Michael Hamlin – Clemson
No. 172 (fifth round) – K David Buehler – USC

No. 197 (sixth round) – S Stephen Hodge – TCU
No. 208 (sixth round) – TE John Phillips – Virginia

No. 227 (seventh round) – CB Mike Mickens – Cincinnati
No. 229 (seventh round) – WR Manuel Johnson – Oklahoma

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