The Madden Curse

I have noticed that Demarcus Ware is one of the players being considered for the Madden 10 cover and there are alot of Cowboy fans wanting this, well I say no way.

The Madden Curse is why I say no to Ware on the cover of Madden 10, since Madden 2000 any player to appear on the cover of the game has seen their career drop. Let me give you the history of the Madden Curse.

Until Madden 2000 only John Madden had been featured on the cover of the game, so for Madden 2000 they put Barry Sanders on the cover with Madden and suddenly on July 29th Sanders retired from the NFL. It was years later that Sanders would admit that the reason for his sudden retirement was that he couldnt handle the culture of losing that had enveloped the Lions organization. He said it robbed him of his competitive spirit. Consequently, a culture of losing has followed every Madden Cover athlete since that year.

Madden 2001– Eddie George, his curse did not hit instantly but it did get him.

Madden 2002– Daunte Culpepper, his curse hit him in the 2001 season the year of his Madden Cover when his season ended in the 11th game because of a back injury, he had thrown 14 TD’s but also thrown 13 INT’s.

Madden 2003– Marshall Faulk, he did not miss any games during the 2002 season but an injured ankle took a big bite out of his normal stellar statistics.

Madden 2004– Michael Vick, just days after the game hit stores Vick fractured his leg in a pre-season game, the injury was so severe that he missed the first 11 games of the season.

Madden 2005– Ray Lewis, his cursed years happened from 2004-2005 when he had his worst stats in his career.

Madden 2006– Donovan McNabb, his cursed years were from 2005-2006 and he is still struggling to keep his job in Philly.

Madden 2007– Shaun Alexander, broke his foot in game 3 of the 2006 season and his career went downhill from there he has left the Seahawks and played for the Redskins in 2008 but was released and is now a free agent.

Madden 2008– Vince Young, Kerry Collins took his startring job thats enough said.

Madden 2009– Brett Farve, came out of retirement to try and play again for the Packers and he got traded to the Jets and started the season off great but at the end of the season when it counted I seen Farve play the worst ball I’ve seen from him ever.

So with all that stated I say put Big Ben Worthlessberger and Troy Polamalu on the cover and lets watch their careers go down the drain and not see Ware on the cover and have to watch a horrible season from him, because I dont know about everyone else but I want to see Ware break Strahans sack record.

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  1. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    Every single player got hurt during this time and ended up in failure at the end of the season,even Brett last season not alot of people bring it up but he actually injured his elbow pretty bad about half way through the season and as a result we saw his production drop.

  2. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Maybe if they put an injurt prone player on the cover it would do the exact opposite and that player would never have another injury for rest of their career. I’m thinking Terrance Newman 😉


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