The Reason For The Trade at Pick 51 has reported the reason why Jerry Jones and the Cowboys traded their first pick of the draft (#51) to the Buffalo Bills.

Sources inside the Cowboys organization tell me the reason Jerry Jones opted not to pick at 51 is because all of the players at the Cowboys’ positions of need were taken. The Cowboys entered the draft looking for safeties and wide receivers, but Louis Delmas went at the top of the second round to the lions, Patrick Chung went next at No. 34 to the Patriots and Brian Robiskie went to the Browns two picks later. With those guys off the board, Jones set his sights on offensive lineman Max Unger. But when the Seahawks took Unger just two picks before their own, Jones decided the Cowboys would be able to get a bigger bang for their buck with tomorrow’s price tag and moved back into the third and fourth round.

So does that mean Jones made an error by not trading up to get a player the Cowboys needed?

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    With all of our picks I believe Jerry should have made a move to trade up. But in all fairness I don’t know if he didn’t try at some point. Jerry probably believes that his team is ready for the next level and all he is looking for is depth in this years draft and not possible starters.

  2. nate
    nate says:

    when everette brown kept falling in the 2nd, we should have made the move to solidify our o.l.b. position. we didnt do it though. then came pick 51, with sean smith still on the board and we trade down. im gonna let the dust settle and see what we get tomorrow, but right now im not too happy.

  3. larry
    larry says:

    well i think it was an big mistake because we could have gotten mauluga or pat white but who are we kidding jerry dont know how to draft when we had success in the draft it was because of jimmy johnson and bill parcell think about it the only one that jerry drafted that panned out was greg ellis


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