What Have the Cowboys Done in Round 3 and Beyond in the Past?

Day 1 of the 2009 Draft is over. And after waiting hours and hours for the Cowboys to make their first selection, the #51 is traded away to the Buffalo Bills for 2 more picks on Day 2.

Cowboy Nation screamed and threw their hands up in the air asking the simple question, “Why?”

Maybe it’s not such a simple question after all. Maybe we will hear an explanation, maybe not.

It’s over now, so it doesn’t matter. So lets take a look at what the Cowboys have done in recent years in the 3rd Round and beyond.


4Tashard ChoiceGeorgia Tech 
5Orlando ScandrickBoise State 
6Erik WaldenMiddle Tenn. State


3James MartenBoston College 
4Isaiah StanbackWashington 
4Doug FreeNorthern Illinois 
6Nicholas FolkArizona 
6Deon AndersonConnecticut 
7Courtney BrownCal Poly-S.L.O. 
7Alan BallIllinois


3Jason HatcherGrambling State 
4Skyler GreenLouisiana State 
5Pat WatkinsFlorida State 
6Montavious StanleyLouisville 
7Pat McQuistanWeber State 
7E.J. WhitleyTexas Tech


4Marion BarberMinnesota 
4Chris CantyVirginia 
6Justin BeriaultBall State 
6Rob PetittiPittsburgh 
7Jay RatliffAuburn

I think some of those names speak for themselves. Trent Edwards on ESPN said it best today when he said, “the later rounds are where you find your meat and potatoes. The first and second rounds you might find your superstars, but you build your foundation with the guys you find in the later rounds.”

Now those may not have been his exact words, but that’s the jist of it.


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