While Everyone Else Is Complaining…

Turn on ESPN or NFL Network, or maybe your local Fox Sports Network. Visit one of the many NFL based blogs or websites. You know what you’ll find?

Bitching and moaning and complaining… this player wants this much money, this player doesn’t think his contract is good enough, this player doesn’t want on that team anymore… so on and so on.

I must admit, I’m one happy Cowboys fan to know that none of that complaining is coming out of Dallas, Texas.

Since Terrell Owens left, its been very calm and quiet in the Big D. What a relief. I love it!

I know it won’t stay like this and I don’t expect it to, but for now we should savor it, ya know?

I was reading how Sheldon Brown of the Eagles is no longer satisified with his contract and it will affect his play. The next thing you know the Eagles are firing back with a powerful press release letting Brown know who’s boss.

And unless you were out of the country or in a coma this offseason you knew all about the Jay Cutler saga. The former Denver frontman wanted out. He got his wish and was moved to Chicago but not before alot of press and drama infected the sports world.

I have to say even though my immediate reaction to the releases of Terrell Owens and Roy Williams was devastation, I have a ton of respect for Jerry Jones for making the right move. He was right and he took a huge chance in releasing them. But he did what was best for the team and I believe in the long run everyone will understand.

Say what you want about Jerry Jones but no one loves this team more than him. I honestly believe this franchise is heading in a new direction. Jerry has taken some chances and learned many lessons. Maybe he’s realizing taking a chance on the big names isn’t the way you win championships. Maybe the concept that ‘no one player is bigger than the team’ has finally sunk in.

Of course, we still have several months until the season starts, not to mention the draft this weekend, so he could still take us by surprise and make an outrageous move. But, I don’t think it will happen.

Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Roy Williams will take the reigns and lead this team to victory. We won’t have to worry about who will be counting passes or carries. DeMarcus Ware, Terence Newman and Bradie James will defend the post and make us proud.

The billion dollar home of the Cowboys will be packed game after game and television ratings will be off the charts. Not because of one name, but because of one team. You can thank Jerry for that.

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  1. Ko$Double$
    Ko$Double$ says:

    I would like to tell a story about Jerry Jones.When i was 15 years old I got a chance to go to Dallas and stay at the Marriot with the team.I think it was Dallas Cowboy Travel or something like that.I went to Valley Ranch, went down on the stadium,and kicked a field goal all that good stuff I could brag about when I got back to NY.When I went to the game I was walking around taking pictures.So I was on the fifty yard line and was walking back up to the top when I seen Jerry Jones by himself looking down onto the field in his sweet.I couldnt believe it.He looked at me and I waived and he looked down and waived right back at me.Well to me that was just the greatest feeling in the world.So say what you want about Jerry Jones but to me this guy has many, many, many things going on in his life, and has alot of money, many people to talk to, meetings, you name it so for this guy to waive to me just showed that this guy is the real deal.THAT WAS A SIGN OF SOMEONE TRULY BEING A NICE PESRON!

  2. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    I can’t stand these players that have no problem signing their name to a contract, and then crying about it and threatening to hold out after they have one solid season.

    I still haven’t seen one player who had a bad season go up to their owners and say, hey I want a pay cut because I didn’t play up to expectations last season.

    Football players are the worst at this. Be a freaking man and honor your responsibilities and stop acting like a bunch of whiny bitches.

  3. Robert
    Robert says:

    Just like the opening of the new Yankee stadium. Jerry Jones was pesent and was there to honor the opening of that stadium. And like the class less fans that the Giants are the blood seems to run through the Yankee fans as well. Like Kelly said Jerry Jones loves the Dallas Cowboys, other people or fans across the US have no idea what JJ does for the community as well as his team. I was one fan that was pissed off when he released T.O. But it will never keep me from believing or cheering for the greatest team in all sports!!!

  4. nate
    nate says:

    it’s nice to not have the negative attention pointing towards us this week. i agree, the core players are here and will lead us where we need to go. jerry is my fav owner and nothing will ever change that. great blog, kelly. im pro-jerry too.


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