Witten Speaks Out

jason-witten.jpegAccording to a article in the Star Telegram by Clarence E. Hill Jr., Jason opened up about how he feels about the team, and of course, he was asked about TO being released. They just can not let the whole TO thing drop.  Of course, with Jason’s joking personality, when asked about roster changes, his reply: “We made roster changes? I didn’t hear about that.” 

When he got serious, he said he was disappointed his name got dragged into the muck last season when stories were written about infighting between him, Owens and Romo. He wishes TO good luck in Buffalo and said he was a great player for the Cowboys.
Witten said the Cowboys main focus now is putting last year in the past and moving forward as a team.  “I think more than anything being 9-7 is unacceptable with this team. When you talk about change, you want to find a way to get more wins.”
When asked if he agreed with Jerry Jones about getting rid of TO makes Romo better and the locker room better he replied, “I don’t know. A lot is made of chemistry. Chemistry is good when you win. For all of us it’s something we have to evaluate and understand. I don’t want to look at it and say we are a better locker room. We got a lot of good football players. I do think that. We got to go show it. We got to stop talking about it.”
When asked how the offense will change without Owens, this is what Jason had to say, ” Roy has proven himself. He is a good player. He is a proven player. Tony is a great quarterback. It’s not just them . We got a lot of other guys. Felix is a big key in that. Getting him back, what a weapon he can be along with the other guys like Marion, myself, Martellus Bennett, Miles Austin and Patrick. We need to stop talking about the playoffs and Super Bowls and just become a better football team.”
I have to say that I agree with Jason.  The Cowboys have all the weapons they could want on offense, but unless they come together as a team all the talent in the world doesn’t matter.
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  1. TD
    TD says:

    Double AMEN…..
    Forget all that SB talk….just win each play, and series, and quarter, and half….
    And the rest will take care of it’s self.


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