Guess Who's Injured, Again?

Dallas Morning News Cowboys blog reports that Isaiah Stanback is injured again:

Wide receiver Isaiah Stanback underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair a meniscus tear in his right knee.

Stanback suffered the injury in Tuesday’s workout at Standridge Stadium but attempted to practice Wednesday without much success.

He is expected to be ready for training camp that starts on July 28.

Oh man, not again. This guy has been nothing but injury prone from the start. Jerry Jones has so much invested in the Stanback project and continues to talk like he’s worth the time, money and roster spot, even though he’s only played in 10 games in 2 years.

I hope I’m wrong, I really really do.

Thanks to Nate for the tip.

  1. Joe D

    It never ends wirh this guy.

  2. Jack

    It’s time to sign a vetran or rookie free agent WR and cut Stanback already.

  3. nate

    releasing stanback after we trade greg ellis for a second tier wr would be ideal to me.

  4. again? oh well.

  5. Raina

    Man I can’t believe this! I was so looking forward to see what this guy could do healthy! If he isn’t isn’t at training camp healed and ready to play as much as I like him, we need the roster spot.