Third Place in the NFC East?

Seeing how training camp hasn’t started, and the NFL Network needs a continuous stream of new stories to run, football predictions always finds it’s way into their programming lineup.

That’s exactly what the topic was between Deion Sanders, Jamie Dukes, Marshall Faulk and Warren Sapp the other day.

The panel talked about what we lost and what we gained. Mostly it was about no T.O and how Roy Williams isn’t that good. And of course a dash of Romo bashing for good measure.

All in all it was basically the Boys’ have a long road in front of them. Jamie Dukes said “11, 10 win team” while Faulk, Sapp and Sanders said “8-8/9-8, third in the NFC East.” Brian Baldinger said the same a bit later, with Rich Eisen questioning all of it.

The truth is we lost a good wide-out/headache and this is really Romo’s time to shine. But by far we’re not a third place in the east.

To me the whole NFC East is hurting right now. The Eagles lost their team leader in Brian Dawkins, the Giants lost Plaxico, and the Redskins…they’re the Redskins… they suck.The table so far is wide open. Even the Skins might have a chance, the way things look.

We can say anything right? The last thing we should worry about is what others think… 

Lets prove the NFL world wrong by being the greatest team in the world.

Let’s Go Boys’!!!

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  1. Splatter Day Saint
    Splatter Day Saint says:

    It all comes down to the first regular season game. Everything else is speculation. The Cowboys have more naysayers than supporters these days it seems. All we can do is hang in there and hope for the best. I have faith in Coach Phillips this year.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I’m starting not to like Faulk and Sapp. They need to go work for ESPN. I remember one show from last year when Faulk was ripping Jerry Jones up and then at the end of the show Jones came on live and Faulk just stood there and said nothing instead of being a good reporter and asking Jerry everything he was talking about earlier in the show. Whimp!!! Dukes I like because he seems honest and a good guy. I still think first place for the Boys in ’09.

  3. larry
    larry says:

    Sorry i have to agree with deion,marshall,and warren sapp,i don’t think roy is gonna stand up and take t.o. place and romo have yet to prove to me that he can lead us.i wasn’t an big t.o fan but he made our team alot better when he was there so it gonna be very hard for me to think we will do better than third or fourth sorry and i have been an fan since 1979 but this is my opinion and if we do better i will be the first to give romo and the boy all the props they deserve

  4. Tom
    Tom says:

    Honestly I can say that Deion’s dead to me. It’s so personal, he can’t even hide it. Marshall has never EVER given us credit for anything. T.O. didn’t make our team better. We were 9-7 twice and 13-3 once. If I can get 9-7 without him and the drama, fine. Seems like “true fans” are writing this team off. I just see a lot of fairweathers running for the hills. But the moment we reach 7 or 8 wins, with 5 or 6 to play, they’ll all be back cheering and lying that they never had a doubt.


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