Another Chapter In Farve’s Legacy?

Well has reported that the Vikings and Brett Farve are meeting later in the week. If this deal happens then the nightmare that Green Bay tried to avoid last year is on the verge of striking and will strike hard.

Here is the video that was on the nfl website.

Brett Farve Meeting With Vikings.

So what do all of you think about the possible return of Brett Farve let me know I’m interested in hearing everyones outlook on this and for me personally I would like to see him back for one more year and show Green Bay why they shoulda let him do his thing for one or two more years, because only he knows when he needs to retire.

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  1. soberstar_joel
    soberstar_joel says:

    Favre is a legend and will be inducted into the hall of fame some day if he can make up his mind by the age of 82 of retiring haha.. he needs to stop playing these childish games. Kinda reminds me of a stubborn kid that can make up his mind from cheetos or flaming hot cheetos.


  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    If you ask me he is tarnishing his career by doing this. He has nothing to prove, especially to GB fans who loved him all those years. I loved him because we beat him three straight years in the playoffs. haha. I do think he was a good QB, but I would find it hard to even put him my top 10 of all time. Even top ten of QBs I’ve seen play since watching football. Hmmmm. An idea! Who’s up for listing the top 10 best qbs since they have been watching football?

  3. Cowboys Baby!!
    Cowboys Baby!! says:

    Given Favre is one of the best quaterback of all time,he should have just retired a Packer! I agree with SoberStar, he is acting like a child!!! Retire Already !

  4. soberstar_joel
    soberstar_joel says:

    Rob that would be a great article if you can come up with it. Good Luck look forward in reading it.

  5. KingStunned
    KingStunned says:

    Brett is a good QB and should’ve taken the $25M he was offered to stay retired before the Jets got him. This is reminiscent of sand lot football where a kid says i wanna play, no I wanna go home. He needs to make up his mind on what to do before he loses his fan base altogether. Yes revenge may be sweet, but the $25M would have been a lot sweeter and lasted a lot longer. If this would have been Troy Aikman doing this, I would’ve personally gone to Dallas to complain to him.


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