Correction about D-Ware and a Twitter Warning

Last night I read that DeMarcus Ware was close to signing a new contract with the Cowboys and then posted it on LSS. Although this may be true as far as a new contact. The source that it came from last night was false. PFT reported the news from a Twitter post that they thought was DeMarcus Ware. The Dallas Morning News had a similar story about Ware’s new contract. But now it’s being reported that DeMarcus Ware contacted the Dallas Morning News explaining that the Twitter post was not him.

Who do we believe? Is it DeMarcus Ware on Twitter? Was it DeMarcus Ware who contacted the Dallas Morning News saying it wasn’t him? I’ve only been on Twitter a short time, but it’s a scary thing not knowing if someone is who they say they are. So, going forward I for one will no longer listen to Twitter posts from players because you just never know. I apologize for the post that we now believe to be false.

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Its all good Rob. Its hard to believe anyone any more but we were all deceived, i dont know why people pretend to be something or someone they arent.

    But the good news is I still believe our Dware will be a Cowboy for life and thats all that really matters anyways 🙂


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