Cowboys Extra Points: Expectations

extrapts2Anthony Spencer will be the Cowboys starting strong outside linebacker with Greg Ellis out of the picture. The Cowboys didn’t officially cut Ellis but they gave him permission to seek a trade and sent him home from OTAs. Whether you agree with the move or not, it’s time to let go of Ellis.


Rodney Hannah has a broken hand and was unable to participate in OTAs. The tight end was on the practice squad in ’08 and is looking to battle for a spot on the roster behind Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett. Poor Rodney, great athlete but this may hurt him with a fresh rookie tight end competing with him for the spot.


The Detroit Lions picked up former Cowboy Tra Battle from waivers yesterday. The cornerback will join the team next week for workouts. Obviously the Cowboys didn’t see much in Battle.


Rookie Asaph Schwapp was arrested last week at Dallas Love Field airport for carrying ninja stars. The young fullback collects martial arts weapons and was said to be very cooperative with police. He’s unlikely to make the team but this story was interesting (or was it).


Jerry Jones has high expectations from his players as they open up the new stadium this upcoming season.

“This building could have been built for two-thirds of the cost, but it was about expectations. And I expect every player who ever walks on this field to play above their level.”

I think most of the players feel the pressure and expectations that come with beign a Cowboy, plus walking into that new beautiful monster of a stadium, hopefully it gives them ambition and motivation to give %150.


Here’s an interesting one… A blogger for New York’s Newsday wants his readers to rank the NFC East quarterbacks. Of course most of his reader’s are listing Eli as number one. Give me a break! See the article here. Of course (most) New Yorkers aren’t going to give Tony Romo his due, but you and I and everyone else knows that Eli Manning is not the best quarterback in the NFC East.

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  1. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    Going on that field for the first game, how could you not want to play your hardest! Cant freaking wait! COWBOYS BABY!!

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    This is one New Yorker that will give Romo his due. Eli or as I like to call him Mediocre Manning has done nothing as far as I’m concerned. Very over rated. The Giants got on a roll at the right time in ’07, but Manning did nothing special. Don’t get me started on Manning and the bandwagon Giants fans. Jason Campbell? Average. Not to mention his own owner doesn’t believe in him. McNabb has the experience, but he is still 1-4 in NFC Championship games and gave up late in the Super Bowl. Hmmmm. I’LL TAKE ROMO!!!!!!

  3. soberstar
    soberstar says:

    I truly agree with your story Kelly but unfortunate Eli wining a Superbowl puts him up there though I believe Romo can take the Cowboys to the next level and hopefully we will be playing the last game in Miami.

  4. TD
    TD says:

    I like your post (and your little comments, lol) and even though this has NOTHING to do with it, I just feel like it is time to move on from the ISAIAH STANBACK experiment. The guy has done nothing and is always injured! I would rather have an old Marvin Harrison than Stanbacks’ big bag of nothing.

    P.S. Yes, ninja stars are ALWAYS interesting.


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