Much A Do About Nothing

Things look good so far with us. The Cowboys picked up a few draft picks and some off season free agents. The team looked good at the OTA’s and it seems that Boys’ still have life pumping in their veins. It’s all good in Dallas right now.

That was until T.O. opened his mouth, or twitter for that matter. When a Cowboys fan (or someone wanting him to talk) asked Owens about what happen with him in Dallas, T.O. responded by saying.

neither ws i, blame the OC & romo!! but i’m happy 2 b where i am but i miss the other guys tht were & r true teammates!!

This was the leading story on ESPN and NFL Total Access. People agreed and disagreed with him. Whatever, it’s a slow news day, I don’t blame them.

Now I could go into a long “Kanye West” type rant about this, but it isn’t worth it my fellow Cowboys’ fans. T.O. said he’s happy in Buffalo and we’re (or most of us) are happy he’s gone. Heck, I hope he makes another crappy rap song about why he’s in Buffalo. 

There are truly alot more important things to be paying attention to then this trash. Like, who’s gonna win “4th and Long”. Now that’s a news story.


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  1. nate
    nate says:

    from now on, whenever anyone brings up t.o. im gonna respond with my admiration and support for THE COWBOYS #1 wide receiver, Roy Williams…

  2. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    I was one of those fans sad to see a playmaker go like Owens, but Im not for all the crying and the “im me, watch me, its all about me show” that T.O put on..I have faith in Roy our new #1, everytime he played Dallas he killed us, now that hes a Cowboys he cant do it…dont make sense, youll see people. Hell replace T.O and replace him well!


    Im glad T.O the cancer is off this team, let him ruin another team, which he seems to slowly do any team he goes on anyways so, should be a “good” season in Buffalo!

    As always COWBOYS RULE!

  3. Justin
    Justin says:

    Well if thats the case then I would like to thank Jason Garrett and Romo for telling JJ to give him the boot, the man is probably one of the biggest wastes of talent the NFL has ever seen, he is so good yet has such a bad attitude when he doesn’t get the ball thrown his way when he feels it should be, I’m glad he is gone and I hope we go to the Super Bowl and play Buffalo and smack them around like we did in the early 90’s.


  4. cowboyjack
    cowboyjack says:

    Again, as I responded to another TO post. Why? What? He is gone!!! Isn’t that enough?..When will we quit tying him to the Cowboys? Let the dog die. I have enough worries about the Cowboys and this next season without re-hashing TO forever. LET IT GO!!…Let him go.

    Love the boys

  5. Stargazzing
    Stargazzing says:

    As he showed his ass once again in the news just this week “T.O. loves him some “ME”. That being said, we learned to love him his second year as a Cowboy, myself being the most resistant. Yet he has proven since his move to Buffalo, he is still a MEDIA WHORE and has learned nothing after being given his chance on yet another class act team.

    There is absolutely no doubting Terrell Owens’ talent. . . The doubt is in his “CHARACTER”. Dallas is a last “Chance” stop for players like “T.O.” and he blew it even here.

    This is the same guy who 18 months ago cried on camera calling Tony Romo “His Quarterback” that is now blaming Romo for his demise in Dallas. I will give T.O. his credit where it’s due on the talent scale; but his character is below “0”. He’s an embarassment to himself every time he opens his mouth. He has bitten the hand that feeds him too many times. His talent no longer exceeds his big mouth.

    “Good Riddance” I say!


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