Dallas News on Michael Vick, Keith Davis and Greg Ellis

It seems that with every player released, unhappy or rumored to be on the trading block, most Cowboys fans ask if the player is right for the team. I’m in that group. I loved the idea of getting Roy Williams, Ken Hamlin, Tank Johnson and yes even Pacman. Now of course I feel the ground rumbling over the recently released from prison Michael Vick. With Vick I have no interest in him becoming a Cowboy. He is a great athlete, but when it comes to a QB I just don’t see much. There is also someone else who has no interest in Vick and that is Jerry Jones.It was reported on ProFootballTalk.com that Jones supports Tony Romo as the QB of the Cowboys.  When asked about interest in Vick Jones said…

“[Tony] Romo is our guy,”

In other news DallasNews.com has reported that Keith Davis has once again left the Cowboys. This time he has signed with the Oakland Raiders. Davis was the captain of the Cowboys special teams in 2008 even after signing with the Dolphins in the off-season before coming back to the Cowboys before the season started. Davis wants to be a starting strong safety and I didn’t see that happening with the Cowboys. I wish Davis good luck. The Boys will see him for the first preseason game in 2009 as well as the Thanksgiving game in the new Cowboys stadium.

FanHouse.com is reporting that the Cowboys have put Greg Ellis on the trading block. Ellis is due to make $4.15 million in 2009. He has a cap number of $6.25 million. The Cowboys sent Ellis home from team activities this week so he wouldn’t risk injury. If Ellis is cut he will receive $1.5 million. It was also reported that New England and Cincinnati are possible destinations, but the Patriots say they are not interested.

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  1. Vic
    Vic says:

    I think we need Ellis or a player just like him. Everyone seems to think that Spencer will step in and be that guy, he might he might not. All I’m saying is that Greg is a consist ant player and worth 8 — 10 sacks a year maybe more. Not only that but he seems to press the pocket every time. Sure, we have all heard the rumors about peppers and wouldn’t that be great, but if we cant then why. Why mess with a good thing? We led the league in sacks last year and that wouldn’t have been the case without Greg Ellis. If we cant get an Ideal trade for him such as an Boldin or Ocho Cinco what would be the point. Right about now some are you are saying well, we need to pay Ware and yes this is true. I don’t think any and I mean any player is worth over 70 million. I would rather have two guys that might get 8 — 10 sacks a year that one that might get 18. The solution is simple, move Greg back to Defensive end and give Spencer the starting job. This way all our best players are on the field at the same time.

  2. nate
    nate says:

    greg is too light now to play defensive end. ends in a 3-4 are around 300 lbs. greg plays olb around 255-265. at this stage of his career, he is what he is. i am all for trading him for whatever we can get instead of having him count all that $ towards the cap this year and get nothing for him when hes an ufa next year. its time for the 1st rounder, spencer, to sink or swim.


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