Q and A with Felix Jones

Felix Jones at his high school field. Being hands on with the young athletes attending his inaugural Felix Jones Football Camp and Life Skills camp in Tulsa. Photo by the Tulsa World.

Felix Jones at his high school field. Being hands on with the young athletes attending his inaugural Felix Jones Football Camp and Life Skills camp in Tulsa. Photo by the Tulsa World.

This past weekend Felix Jones came home to celebrate his 22nd birthday with about 300 family and friends in downtown Tulsa and to kickoff his first ‘Felix Jones Football and Life Skills Camp’. Thanks to Bill Haisten sports writer for the Tulsa World we have direct quotes from Felix and a question and answer interview held at his former High School in Tulsa where he held his camp last Saturday.

Felix’s camp was a total success with 75 young athletes in all positions on his high school football field. According to Bill of the World Felix was a hands on coach to these kids, going from different position stations making to give his expertise to each child. I am sure with the dedication he has shown this weekend his camp will strive in Tulsa and Dallas. He will be a Hero to a lot of young players now and in the future. As a parent that is fine with me. Any young man that has just entered the world of the NFL and still care enough to want to take care of the kids in both of his home towns can be my child’s hero anytime.

After starting off his rookie season with the Cowboys, all fans know how great he started out. Felix’s stats were 8.9 yards per rush and a average of 27.1 yards per kickoff returns before his hamstring and toe injury put in on the sideline for the rest of the season.

Here area few of the questions that was asked of Felix during his time at his old high school.

Q: How difficult was it to watch the final 10 games from the sideline?

A: Very tough. We had been doing so good and winning a lot of ball games, and I was able to contribute early in the season. I was upset after I got hurt.

Q: If you hadn’t been injured, you might have been the NFL’s Rookie of the Year.

A: Yeah, but in this sport, injuries happen. It’s part of the game. It’s frustrating, but you just have to deal with it.

Q: Your favorite memory at this stadium during your high school years?

A: My Sophomore year, in my first Varsity game. I returned the second-half kickoff for a touchdown. We were playing against McLain ( a rival in Tulsa) and I took it to the house.

Q: Are you determined to score the first touchdown in the Dallas Cowboy’s new stadium?

A: That would be very nice. A big highlight for me. I’m always determined to get into the end zone, but to get that first one in the stadium, Yeah, that would be great. I’ll give it a try.

Q: Troy Aikman says Terrell Owens’ departure is a positive for Dallas. What does Felix Jones say about it?

A: I love Terrell. He was my teammate. But I think my football camp is a better subject to talk about.

Q: Were you at Valley Ranch when a storm flattened their practice faculty?

A: I wasn’t there. It was such a sad situation. You can’t control Mother Nature. I am just glad everyone got out of there alive.

Q: You have been around Tony Romo for a full year. Can he take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl?

A: Romo definitely a Super Bowl quarterback. He’s showing his leadership. I am happy to be his teammate.

Well that is it for the Q & A thanks to the Tulsa World. I am planning on being at next year’s camp for I can take exclusive pictures for LSS.

I think all Cowboy fans will agree that Felix Jones will be a weapon for the Cowboys this season. He is a superstar in the making and I am proud to call the former Razorback a Cowboy.

Felix is back home in Dallas now working hard to be ready for his second season with the Cowboys. Look for his camp in the Dallas area schools and be sure and support it. It is a cause that he feels deeply about and will help so many young people. So Cowboy fans lets not only support him on the field, which I know all fans will, accept him in your community also because he is definitely a asset.

Felix Jones at his old high school football field having his inaugural Felix Jones football camp and life skills camp for the young athletes in the Tulsa area. Photo taken by Tulsa World. Check out the T- Shirt! I want one. Maybe next year.

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  1. nate
    nate says:

    great job raina. i love me some felix. what a great guy. always has a smile on his face too. ya gotta love em.

  2. Jon
    Jon says:

    I think he’s the best all-around RB we have. I’m not knockin’ Barber and his abilities but Felix has a bigger range running and receiving. Both together, present a HUGE threat. Wear down with Barber and then finish with Felix…what else could ya’ ask for? Great blog Raina!




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