Reactions Following the Collapse of the Cowboys Facility

The day after the collapse of the Dallas Cowboys practice facility, some questions are finally being answered.

Officials say a ‘microburst’ is to blame for the damage. A storm with high winds, just under that of a tornado, swept through the area. However, the only reported damage was to the Cowboys practice facility.

A dozen were injured while 60 people walked away with only scrapes and bruises. New Special Teams coach Joe DeCamillis suffered broken vertebrae in his back and will likely need surgery. Cowboys assistant scout Rich Behm underwent surgery on his spinal cord late Saturday night at Parkland Memorial Hospital, according to Matt Mosley of ESPN.

Here are some reactions following the collapse of the Dallas Cowboys training facility on Saturday, May 2nd: 

Bobby Carpenter “It was kind of unbelievable, seeing the shots from inside and everything. To think that something like that could happen. We’ve been in there when it’s been windy, a little bit of light-shaking, but nothing quite that extreme.”

Dan Reeves on Special teams coach Joe DeCamillis injuries:  “It’s just lucky and fortunate and a miracle really he’s not paralyzed.”

David Buehler: “My initial thought was, how many people are dead in this? I thought I was the lucky one.”

David Buehler:  “I thought I was OK, and then a steel pole hit me in the right side of the head and left a big knot. It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced. We were all in shock. Welcome to the NFL.”

Dave Campo: “I feel like I was in a fight. When it came down, I didn’t have much time to react. What scared me the most was that my son was in the building. Practice was going well. That was a helluva ending.”

An Anonymous Player because the players were instructed not to comment: “It was really loud, the rain, which is normal for a bubble. When the lights really started shaking and the walls beating is when we knew it was getting bad, and then it started to collapse. We just started taking off running. One wall fell toward the middle. We didn’t have anything fall on us. Before we left the structure, we were leaning up against the wall thinking it was a tornado.”

National Weather Service meteorologist Gary Woodall: “The fact that there weren’t more injuries is rather miraculous.”

Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News (Speaking of Josh Ellis and Nick Eatman of “All I saw was blue jerseys. I was trapped. I couldn’t move. Then those guys lifted it up-not very far, but I was able to move from my side to my back. … Once I got out of there, I looked back and the whole thing was down.”

Jim Zorn, Washington Redskins head coach: “I asked our guys, ‘If you’re a praying man, really remember those guys.’ What a tragedy that is. How unpredictable that must be. Fortunately, they didn’t have 115 guys in that bubble at that time because there might have been a lot more injuries. So we’re thankful that there were very few.”

Wade Phillips: “We’re lucky no one got electrocuted with all the water in the building. A couple of players had minor injuries, but they were all right.”

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