Roy Williams Upset, Chris McAlister to Dallas?

It has been reported by that Roy Williams is a little upset over the criticism he has received about whether he can be a number one receiver in Dallas. I myself think he can be that go to guy for Tony Romo. Wasn’t Williams a number one receiver in Detroit until Calvin Johnson came along? In almost every conversation I was a part of last preseason people were yelling for Jerry Jones to go and trade for Roy Williams. That’s what Jones did and now all I hear is that Williams cannot be that guy. Why? Is it because what Dallas traded to get him? Is it because some people are still hypnotized by Terrell Owens? Williams put up some good numbers on some bad Detroit teams. I think he has every right to be upset with what he has been hearing.

“Why am I a target? I’m just a guy,” Williams said Wednesday. “I’m a coachable wide receiver who does what he’s coached to do. I’m getting grief from everybody. I don’t know why, I’ve just got to go out there and prove to people that I can play this game.”

“Every time I say something about what I do positively it gets turned around negative. I’m just going to continue to do what I’ve been doing and everybody can see what we can do in September.”

I would love for Roy Williams to have a great season and to make everyone who doubted him eat their words.

Could Chris McAlister be coming to Dallas? Would it help Dallas? I’ve heard that the Cowboys along with Seattle and San Diego have shown interest in the three-time Pro Bowler. McAlister is currently rehabbing from knee surgery. If given clearance to play come July I think it might be a good idea to look into signing him. Right now the Cowboys have only one experienced corner in Terrence Newman. I love what Orlando Scandrick and Mike Jenkins did last season and I think our two draft picks, Mike Mickens and DeAngelo Smith were good choices. But I think the experience of McAlister would help the Cowboys secondary and also help the young corners.

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  1. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Yeah it’s funny how when Williams was in Detroit everyone was saying “Roy Williams is a great receiver in a bad team” now that he gets on a good team everyone wants him to fail. It’s so unfair of him. I know he’ll do a good job. Surprise everyone RW!

  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    Lol its very very very simple Roy your getting criticism because one, you wear a star on a helmet of silver and blue,two you are a wide reciever,three you are a wide receiver wearing a helmet of silver and blue with a star on it……Answer your question Roy??

    Get used to it buddy this is the media difference between Dallas and Detroit you have to be near perfect because Detroit stunk so bad nobody cared what you were doing up there, your in Dallas now the football capital of the country maybe even the world.

  3. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    I love these idiots out there…he TORE it up everytime he played Dallas..he was on a sucky team, he didnt get enough to show what he really has. He has it. I personally enjoy the clueless haters out there that as soon as he gets on Dallas now he cant do it, he wont do anything, they will bench him. Its not that it annoys me to hear it so much but I hate hypocrites.

    Good job Roy..get a fire under that ass and dont let the media pull you down, thats the only reason they are cause b.s, ESPECIALLY for the Cowboys. *cough cough f u espn*

    Sorry if someone gets offended..its just my thoughts, you can hate em or love but all I know is that I always and will always forever support the ‘boys in blue, they are my team and always will be.

    COWBOYS IN 09! BABY!!!!

  4. Chyanne Hodges-McAlister
    Chyanne Hodges-McAlister says:

    Could someone please coerce Chris McAlister into acknowledging me as his daughter before they invest a dime into someone so ingenuine. Please help me acquire a court supervised paternity test with multiple independent experts. That’s how certain I am I’m his daughter. My number is (661)878-3959 ask for my uncle Marc Hodges. Please Lord help me.


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