To Be or Not to Be…A Number 1 Receiver

As I look over the receivers in the NFL a thought came to me? Just how many number 1 receivers are there in the league? And is too much made of whether a team has one or not? The Cowboys have been criticized because now that Terrell Owens is gone it is said that they don’t have that number 1 receiver. Unless of course you consider Roy Williams a number 1 receiver, which some people do and some do not. Shouldn’t a number 1 receiver be someone that defenses pay special attention to? I put together a list of receivers in no particular order. Of course these are my opinions and are open to discussion.

1. Andre Johnson. Has emerged as that number 1 guy for the Texans.

2. Larry Fitzgerald. Without a doubt a number 1 guy for the Cardinals.

3. Steve Smith. Another number 1 guy for the Panthers.

4. Terrell Owens. Production? Yes. Distractions? Yes

5. Calvin Johnson. Still young, but has all the potential to be the guy for the Lions.

6. Reggie Wayne. Was Manning’s guy in ’08. Will continue to get better for the Colts.

7. Santana Moss. Not considered a number one guy for the Skins. Unless he is playing the Cowboys where he always has big games.

8. Randy Moss. Is he still that number 1 threat for the Patriots going into his 12 season?

9. Hines Ward. Still number 1 in Pittsburgh after 11 seasons? Or is he moving aside for that Super Bowl MVP?

10. T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Now with the Seahawks will he establish himself as a number 1.

11. Braylon Edwards. Not considered a number 1 guy for the Browns even though they don’t have anyone better.

12. Santonio Holmes. Can not consider him a number 1 guy right now even with a Super Bowl MVP.

13. Brandon Marshall. Could have been on his way to be being a number 1 until his new head coach drove his Pro Bowl QB out of town.

14. Anquan Boldin. Has everything you want from a number 1 receiver, but can he stop being a distraction over his contract and co-exist with Fitzgerald?

15. Wes Welker. Great hands, Great speed. Great number 2 guy for the Patriots, but not a number 1 guy.

16. Roy Williams. Was considered a number 1 guy for the Lions even on their bad teams, but now with the Cowboys he is not. Hmmm. I just don’t get that.

I listed 16 players and out of those guys I think only eight are clear cut number 1 receivers for their teams. And out of those eight only four of them were in the playoffs in 2008. Could we be putting too much on having a number 1 receiver? Green Bay has some really good receivers, but no clear cut number 1 guy. The same story in San Diego. A few really good guys, but no number 1. So I say it again…Are we making too much of this subject? I’m not sure myself.

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