Vick Released From Prison and Going Home

Micheal Vick began his journey to his Virginia home yesterday, where he will serve his last 2 months of his prison sentence under home confinement.Vick will be strictly watched by the F.B.I. and will serve 3 years of probation.

In all likelyhood Vick will be a NFL player this coming season,but the question is what NFL team will he be playing for?? I have heard rumors of the New England Patriots being interested because of his potential in the “Wildcat” formation.

Vick left the federal prison in Leavenworth 4 a.m. yesterday morning under the cover of darkness and was picked up by his fiance and 2 associates.The drive will take a estimated 19 hours and Vick is expected to get behind the wheel for part of that 19 hours.

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