What Is Goodell Thinking Now?

Has Roger Goodell lost his mind (again)?

The NFL commissioner is proposing to add another game overseas. The first time an NFL regular season game was played in London in 2007, when the Giants and and Dolphins traveled overseas. In 2008 the Saints and Chargers played in London. This upcoming season the Patriots and Buccaneers are set to make the trip.

“The fan reaction we’ve had in London has been extraordinary. We would like to feed that passion,” Goodell said after speaking at the Charlotte Touchdown Club. “We have a great fan base in the UK. There have been discussions of taking the second game and playing it in another market in the UK. That’s something that we’ll evaluate.”

I guess it’s all about the money. There have been complaints about field conditions at the stadium in London. Also, the fact that it takes a home game away from one team is a huge downfall. Goodell then brought up adding two more games to the regular season to make up for the loss of a home game to the scenario.

“I think the teams have had a great experience that have gone over,” Goodell said. “We’ve been able to build on that, and I think teams recognize it’s an honor and a privilege to go over and play there. And it can be done without impacting the team negatively.”

Players also felt that playing the Pro Bowl in Hawaii was a privilege before Goodell tried to take that away.

In my opinion, American football should be played in America. Home games are huge to the fans and we only have eight games as it is. What happens to season ticket holders? Do they get a refund on one game? I am just uneasy about the entire situation.

Since the Cowboys haven’t been chosen yet to travel overseas, I suppose it hasn’t directly affected us. But they will get around to our team. Then we will really hear the noise.

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  1. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Well sure it’s about money but what about the money those 2 (4 if theres 2 overseas games)teams generate for the community/city/state? That’s lost money for them and that’s not particulary(probably didn’t spell that right) fair. And this Pro Bowl not in Hawaii business, don’t get me started on that and how much money Hawaii is going to lose not to mention how many players will not attend the Pro Bowl, even less then usual which we have seen decline in recent years. Jerry Jones for Commish! haha

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    It’s always about the money. I think it takes away from the teams that go over there. It disrupts their season. You want a preseason game over there, then I think that would be fine, but not regular season. Too much is at stake with such a short season.

  3. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    This is just so sad to hear this man has lost his mind truly.

    Did you guys hear the story about a month ago on ESPN that he was also thinking about putting a Super Bowl in London??

  4. matt
    matt says:

    When you ask people from UK or whereever what they like most about the game or even understand about it, they all said, “The Kickers”. HONEST QUOTE.


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