Why So Alphabetical?

Has anyone seen the Depth Chart on DallasCowboys.com? Is it a sign that every roster spot is open to anyone? That the competition will be fierce come training camp? Is it motivation for certain players? Take a look and tell me your thoughts.

Does anyone believe Brooks Bollinger, Rudy Carpenter, John Kitna and Stephen McGee are ahead of Tony Romo on the depth chart?

Or how about rookies Manuel Johnson and Kevin Olgetree being ahead of Roy Williams?

Opening of training will have Martellus Bennett as the starting TE with Rodney Hannah backing him up. Hmmm. And Jason Witten is where?

Alan Ball and Michael Hawkins as the starting Cb’s?

Excuse me Mr. Ware? You won’t be starting for the Cowboys this season, but we hope to get you some mop up duty sometime during the season.

Tim Anderson will be starting on place of  Pro Bowler DT Jay Ratliff.

Just a little bit of fun during the off season. And yes, every time I go to the store I look for that first preseason magazine. Can you tell that I need football?

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  1. soberstar_joel
    soberstar_joel says:

    I finally hard to believe this will end up as the starting line up. That would be a complete 360 you hear.

  2. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    lol, Rob I’m the exact same way looking for that first pre season magazine with updated fantasy rankings of course.


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