Felix Jones Wild About New Formation


Several sources have reported that the Dallas Cowboys unveiled a new “Wildcat” offense during organized team activities Thursday at Standridge Stadium.

The one difference is that they changed up the name a bit and referred to it as the “Razorback” in honor of running back Felix Jones, who helped make the formation famous as running back for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

“Man, it was great,” Jones said. “It brought back old memories. It’s just the first day. I believe we can get a lot better at it. You’ll see a lot more of it, I’m hoping, when the time comes.”

While it will be fun to watch as a change of pace every now and then, don’t expect it to be incorporated as major part of the offense, not as long as Tony Romo is under center.

“We’re looking at it a little bit,” Phillips said. We’ll see if it goes any further than that. It depends on what we can do, certainly.”

The one thing this signals is that the Cowboys have every intention of making Felix Jones a bigger part of the offense. And that my Cowboys friends, is perfectly fine by me.

I think Felix Jones is going to emerge as one of the most exciting players in the game this season.

  1. Rob V.

    Great minds think alike Joe. I was just writing about this myself.

  2. Joe D.

    lol, no problem. The more opinions the better I always say.

  3. Riggs

    I MISS FELIX! Cant wait til he hits that first game…its gonna be madness!

  4. Please not the “Wildcat”, this isn’t College.

    The NFL defenses will not be caught off guard this season.

    If the Cowboys use this, it will be a disaster.

    College is not the Pro’s. I would rather watch Bert and Ernie paint than the Wildcat.

  5. Stargazzing

    Great write up! I have been excited about Felix since the moment we drafted him. As much as we all like him now, I think he is going to make all of us fans become “in awe” of him in the next few seasons. . . . With or Without the “Wildcat/Razorback Offense”.

    Love to all Cowboys fans and LSS readers,

    Stargazzing a/k/a Felix Enthusiast

  6. football info

    Hey what was he looking at, that’s nuts