A Little Bit of Fun From the Cowboys

For those who have not seen this video it will make you laugh right along with the Boys. Glad to see they are having fun and enjoying themselves. Looks like some good chemistry to me in the locker room. Tashard Choice is filming while Marcus Spears and Jay Ratliff make fun of Leonard Davis.Notice also DeMarcus Ware in a few of the shots.



  1. nate

    dude, tashard’s laugh is awesome. he was histerical! good stuph. thanks for sharing.

  2. Kelly Horn

    How freaking funny! Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing Rob!

  3. DawnyP

    That was hilarious!!! They had me cracking up!!!

  4. Toa

    Ratliff is awsome.

  5. it’s god to be able to have fun like that that will bring them closer as an team i hope

  6. LOL, this stuff is so funny. I have to share this.