New to the Silver & Blue: Jon Kitna

I am sure that every reader knows the name QB Jon Kitna.  Kitna has been around or 12 seasons.  Jon is 36 years old, weights 220 and is 6-2.

Jon started his career with the Seattle Seahawks in 1997 and played for them 4 years.  He moved on to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2001 for 5 years. The last team he played for is the Detroit Lions until the end of last season, and now he is a Dallas Cowboy. 

Was it a good move for us to pick up another back-up QB? Definitely.

Is Jon Kitna worth trading CB Anthony Henry?  Some might say no, but I say why not? It’s time to see what we got with Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick.

Jon Kitna in my opinion is great back-up material.  He is a veteran that knows the game.  He has recently said he hopes he never has to take a snap during a game.  I like that about him. He knows his role and seems to be satisfied with it.

Jon Kitna’s stats are nowhere close to Tony Romo’s, but he’s a backup and he is an upgrade over Brad Johnson.

He has a total of 27,293 yards passing.  Kitna’s 2008 stats, during 4 games that he played were not bad at all. Sure they lost all the games, but come on we are talking about the Lions. 

He had a QB rating of 72.2 which is not bad.  He threw 5 touchdowns and had threw for 758 yards.  The only negative I see is that he did throw 5 interceptions. We all know that a receiver may have run a bad route or their was a miscue in the huddle. So the interceptions aren’t bothering me yet.

Let’s all hope that  Jon’s wish comes true and he never has to take a snap during a game and Romo stays healthy all season. But if he does have to step in, I’m confident he can hold down the fort.

  1. I always like Kitna, feel bad for him being on the teams he was on. He’s a talented QB. And of course he loves his role, he gets to sit on the bench & get paid haha. What veteren wouldn’t want that job? But that said, I know he could go into any game @ anytime & win it for the Boys.

  2. nate

    i agree wholeheartedly, daniel. great job raina!

  3. I hate been the fan that always disagree but that’s what make this world great we can get alone and disagree he’s 36 yrs old has never won anything he has bben on some bad teams but it’s just like having brad johnson we need youth and romo needs someone to push him not an almost 40 yr old qb that on his leg ,and let me clear this up i’m not saying we need mike vick but theres qb ‘s out there better than kitna byron leftwich ,chris simms, and theres more but we traded an proven cb for this guy and yesterday someone said that jj is smart ok not,we need jimmy johnson to come back as gm and fix our team .

  4. Kelly Horn

    Maybe thats why we got Stephen McGee in the draft… that was a maybe. lol.

    Jimmy Johnson isn’t coming back as a coach or a GM, it just aint happening.


  6. Good night.
    I agree with you, I also find that Jon is a good reservation for Tony.
    We will twist a lot for Romo if it doesn’t hurt.
    Jon has a lot of game experience and that makes the difference.
    We are going Dallas Cowboys, heading for the title.
    Douglas Bete
    Sorocaba SP

  7. Raina

    larrymac someday maybe we can agree on something. But if we don’t hey that is what makes being a fan interesting. We can have a difference of opinion but in the end all we want is the Boys to win.

  8. Riggs

    Kitna is a good backup…I HOPE *knocks on wood* we never have to use Kitna but Im far more happy with him then Brad Johnson…B.Johnson just sucked it up and it made me mad that Dallas had such shotty backups.

  9. That’s right were cowboys fan and it’s cool to be but i understand that were not alwys going to agree but that’s life go boys and mayby oneday we will all agree lol but i doubt it

  10. Kitna is a good backup. I’m hating everyone saying he’s Brad Johnson part two. I just hope if Romo goes down he can come in and keep us afloat.