Ultimate Cowboys Showdown – Jason Witten vs Jay Novacek

Lately, all the talk has been about the Dallas Cowboys Top 50 with several posts and articles dedicated to it including on DallasCowboys.com, and even right here on Lone Star Struck courtesy of Rob V.

It has been fun reading all the varying opinions and comments, hearing the debates about who is better than who, and which player needed to be ranked higher or lower. It also got my creative juices flowing, and the result is…

The Ultimate Cowboys Showdown!

This new exclusive series will pit two all time Cowboys who were the best at their position, and and put them in a head to head battle in a good old fashioned death match. Only the strong will survive!

Our Ultimate Cowboys Showdown features three rounds of fist-pounding, gut wrenching, nail-biting action, as two ultimate warriors get in the ring and duke it out until only one Cowboy is left standing. This is certainly not for the squeamish and parental discretion is definitely advised.  

This first battle showcases two of the greatest tight ends in Dallas Cowboys history, and of course we are talking about Pro Bowlers Jay Novacek and Jason Witten.

Ding, Ding, Ding.

Round One – The Tale of the Tape

witten novacek

Round Two – Awards, Accomplishments, Recognition

Pro Bowls
Jay Novacek – 5
Jason Witten – 5

All Pro Selections
Jay Novacek – 1
Jason Witten – 1

Super Bowl Rings
Jay Novacek – 3
Jason Witten – 0

Round Three – The Final Verdict

Can you believe these guys have both played exactly six years and 95 games? And what about the fact that each had 5 Pro Bowl selections and one All Pro selection…

This was the perfect head to head showdown because their careers were so remarkably similar, but it also made this a tough battle to decide.

Both these players were the ultimate warriors in every sense. Each of them were very intense and had a nose for the ball. Both of them were tough as nails and didn’t shy away from laying down a punishing hit when they had to, and both were known to shrug off nagging injuries and play hurt.

There’s a school of thought that subscribes to the notion that winning is everything, and if that was the only deciding factor than Jay Novacek wins this contest hands down simply because of his post season accomplishments. Novacek was a key contributor for Dallas during their 1990s glory years, and helped them to win three Super Bowls in four seasons. In those games, he recorded a combined total of 17 receptions for 148 yards and two touchdowns.

However, if you go simply by the numbers, Jason Witten wins this one by a slight margin. The touchdowns were very close, but Witten edged Novacek by three touchdowns. However, we have to remember that Troy Aikman had so many more targets to throw to than Romo did. He was able to spread the ball around between a few different current and future Hall of Famers. Had Novacek played for this current Cowboys team, he may have outscored Witten by a larger margin and been one of the primary options.

Witten also had the edge on yards, but again that was tied to the number of receptions.

In the final analysis, I have to proclaim Jay Novacek the Ultimate Cowboys Tightend.

Jason Witten may eventually catch Novacek in the years to come, but for now, Novacek stands alone.

Ultimate Cowboys Tight End

Jay Novacek - Ultimate Cowboys Tight End

  1. sal

    just lookign at those numbers witten blows him away. I always thought jay was way ahead of him in stats, tks for the breakdown.

  2. Ed Leyro

    Although Witten has been more of a receiver than Novacek was and is better at holding onto the ball (only three career fumbles is quite impressive), one thing stands out like a ringless thumb. As the saying goes, “it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that ring”. Witten may get a ring or three before he retires, but in my opinion, for someone to be considered an all-time anything in sports, he’s got to back it up with some bling. Advantage: Jay Novacek.

  3. Johni M.

    I do really love Jason Witten and he is well on his way to greatness (if not already there =)!!) But I have to admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jay Novacek!!! He is TRULY the man! I miss him in the game terribly!!

  4. This is a good comparison.

    All figures are in favor of Jason in six years, a Dell and more important and Jason did not have to be the ring.
    Jay has 3 Super Bowl rings in and that makes a difference too.
    Prof. douglas bete
    Sorocaba SP



  6. matt

    kinda hard to disagree with how you came to your result. only thing is jason witten prolly has a lot of years left.

  7. Raina

    Joe D. this is your best idea for LSS yet. I have to disagree with you on Jay over Jason. I love both, the only reason I pick Witten is the fumbles! It is amazing how close their stats are. I was really shocked! Great job as always!

  8. Joe D.

    Thanks Raina! I’m glad you like it.