Are We Spoiled As Cowboys Fans?

I thought I would write about this since the Lakers just won their 15th championship.

We all love the Cowboys.  We Bleed Silver and Blue. But are we spoiled as Cowboys fans?

We expect Super Bowl wins every year and we should as Dallas Cowboys fans. But last year the team didn’t make the playoffs with a winning record.  We often reflect on the previous season to say what went wrong. We have that right. It’s our team.

Should we criticize as fans about the “problem” locker room? We weren’t in the locker room with all the players. The media, especially ESPN, likes to bring out the worst of our beloved Cowboys. Don’t get me wrong one of my favorite things to watch is Sportscenter, but I don’t have to listen to them bash the Cowboys. 

I know this is like beating a dead horse. Will the Cowboys be better off this year without T.O.? We will see. But we should be excited about our offense too. Williams, Crayton, Austin, Witten, Jones, Barber and Romo. That’s still an explosive offense.

I put the Cowboys in the same breath as the New York Yankees, Detroit Red Wings, and the L.A  Lakers. We have been to the final game and have won our fair share. The Yankees have won some 26 Championships. We haven’t been that elite yet and maybe never will, but we should be very proud of our team and its accomplishments. 5 Super Bowl wins, 20 division Championships, and 29 playoff appearances. The Cowboys also have 11 Hall of Famers with one more on the way.

The Cowboys have accomplished a lot in their existence, more than a lot of  professional sports teams, and we should be proud of that. I think this team, with the defense playing up to their capability like they did late last season, will make their way to the playoffs once again.  Even with all the “turmoil”  the Cowboys still had a great year and overcame injuries.

Now, the blasting by the Eagles still hurt but I am very excited about this upcoming season Are you?

How Bout Them Cowboys!

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  1. nate
    nate says:

    when you are used to winning and the owner cares about nothing more than winning, you get used to that standard. id rather be spoiled than pissed like most other teams. God bless the Dallas Cowboys.

  2. larry mclean
    larry mclean says:

    Yes we have always ben ,even when we were losing we all knew that we were better than that.when that coach name oh uyall know yeah jimmy johson almost everyone said we can’t win with an college coach then when he traded herscel walker oh my god cowboys fans really went crazy until we started kicking butt,so yes as cowboys fan were very spoiled and if u wasn’t pissed about last season mayby ur not an real fan sorry holla back

  3. DoughboyCowboy
    DoughboyCowboy says:

    I am mad about the season. We was gearing up for the Super Bowl. But that did not happen. They still had a winning record

  4. Raina
    Raina says:

    YES YES and YES we are spoiled. I love this blog doughboyCowboy! We feel the same way about alot of things. I have noticed that in our articles. You are cool! I think we are going to have a good team this year and will make it to the playoffs but if we don’t the same old stuff will start up. That just comes with being a cowboy fan. Great Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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