Are You ‘Cowboys Obsessed’??

I am. Everywhere I turn, I see something Cowboys. My apartment is filled with a lot Cowboys things. My truck is yellow in color, but I have Cowboys memorabilia all over it from stickers on the back of the truck bed to the steering wheel cover, all Cowboys. At work I have to wear scrubs but I have on Cowboys crocs and a Cowboys watch. My work badge also has a Cowboys pin on it too. I did have to make one scrub top into a Cowboys scrub top by putting a patch on it.. When I am not working, I am wearing something Cowboys. Just last week, I walked into a business and they recognized me because of all my Cowboys clothing I wear. I usually am wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat too. Are you the same way?

It has gotten to the point my fiancee is now a Cowboys fan by just watching me watch the games. She bleeds Blue and Silver just like me. I found that out in the Cowboys/Bills game 2 years ago. Tony had a bad game but Folk won it for us. I was jumping up and down and then looked over and she was doing the same. That’s when I knew she was hooked. Now we have a little bambino on the way. She agreed with me that when the baby is born something to do with the Cowboys will be incorporated into the name. We know what the name will be if it is a boy or girl. But we wont give away that secret right now.

Does anyone feel the same way? Is anyone else ‘Cowboys obsessed’? Maybe someone else is more obsessed than I am. Who knows. But we enjoy our Cowboys and are not afraid to show it. Now the only thing I haven’t done is meet a Dallas Cowboy in person, someday I think I will. But living in Bear country it is slim. In the next few months I will be featured in Dallas Cowboys Star magazine in the fan profile section. My next thing is to get an Cowboys tattoo with my fiancee and kids name in it somewhere. If you would like to see what some of my room looks like go to my myspace page. If your not a friend already become one. If that isn’t obsessed I don’t know what is. Tell me ways you are obsessed with our beloved Cowboys?

How ’bout them Cowboys!

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I am obsessed. Let’s see two tattoo’s. One arm has the Cowboys helmet and the other arm has the old Cowboy Joe logo on the horse. My hallway is lined with framed 8×10 autographed pics from most of the famous Cowboys and some not so famous, but that I loved growing up. Not to mention my double autographed Emmitt Smith jersey. Loved meeting him!! I have two large binders with all kinds of hand written stats dating back to 1960. Yes, I know we have this thing called the internet, but every season I still have to write everything down. Also, if you give me some paper I can write down every playoff game Dallas has ever played in including home/away, final score and final records over the last 49 seasons. My wardrobe is also mostly Dallas stuff. My Dallas flag is hung with pride in my cube at work. Back in 1993 after the Super Bowl I sat down and wrote a book covering the years 1980-1993. I called it “Through the Eyes of a Fan”. It’s mostly from memory. When my son was born in 1999 he was going to be Dallas right up until the second he was born, but then I kept seeing my Mother yelling at me, so we decided that his middle name would be Dallas. I use to carry his social security card around to show people as well as his birth certificate. whew!!! I’m tired!!! Go Boys!!!!!!!!!

  2. LK
    LK says:

    I am and I have been since I was 8 or so years old I dad had a son but he wasn’t interested in sports, so he recruited it. My son just moved out and I am turning his room into my Cowboys room. I have things all the way back to Roger. I am like you every where you turn you see Cowboys items, here and at work. People are always bringing me things stuff, my most recent is someone was at a garage sale and found a “Barney” from the Flintstones with a Cowboys outfit on, I work in a hospital and people call me for info.

  3. Dartball
    Dartball says:

    I’m from Bear Country!!! I wear a Cowboys Watch, Belt buckle, and Cell Phone holder everyday. My Truck has Cowboys Stickers, Antenna Ball, Fuzzy Dice, Steering Wheel Cover, Magnets(during the Season). I also have a nice Cowboys room in my house, plus a few items on my desk at work.. As far as meeting a Dallas Cowboys in person, there are a few Sports Collectible Shows in Chicago that sometimes have Cowboys signing Autographs. This July, Mel Renfro will be at a Show in Chicago(July 17) signing autographs(very reasonable price).

  4. Shelby
    Shelby says:

    Oooh! I’m that way just a little *grin* I have a closet full of clothes (all Cowboys), two dedicated Cowboys rooms in my house, my car has Cowboys stickers & seat covers. I hate to shop/spend $ but if it has to do w/ the Cowboys, I MUST have it! I got my first tat recently: Cowboys Star (of course!) It’s on my ankle & I’ve not worn a pair of pants since! HA! I’m at every home game. Away games are spent with the loudest & most rowdy fans I can find.

    Since I live in DFW, I have an opportunity to meet players often. Lately, I’ve been given a mic & a camera man so I can interview a few. That’s been a LOT of fun! I hear I will have a chance to do much of the same at Training Camp and I’m real excited about that opportunity! I try to hit all of their fund-raising events, too. I miss a few here & there but NOT MANY! Of course, any time I’m doing anything COWBOYS related I’m wearing my favorite hat! *grin*

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that has gone completely Cowboys Crazy!! Cuz I’m certainly Crazy about the Cowboys!! 🙂

  5. Raina
    Raina says:

    Yes I am! I have a Cowboy bedroom. Now I am working on a Cowboy outfit for this season, but if they lose our first game I will probley think it is jinxed. But I know we will win! I am working on a hat, beaded shirt, stars on my jeans and a pair of Dallas Cowboy boots! lol Cute blog!

  6. Andre
    Andre says:

    Nice blog, i have been a cowboys fan since i was 6 yrs old. I am SO OBSESSED with the Cowboys its not even funny. People who know me even strangers say that i have a big problem. My wife asked me if she was having a baby would i watch the Cowboys or see your kid born. Please that was a no brainer: The Cowboys Baby!!!!! I have so much Cowboys pictures, clothes, cards some of everything.

    I live in Michigan so everytime they play the Liond i’m there. I will see the Cowboys in Texas for the first time on opening night against the Giants. There was NO WAY i was going to miss this game! Good times and bad i stuck with them. When Tom Landry was fired(the way he was fired)i was PISSED as hell. That year i thought about dropping the Cowboys, but that lasted about 5 seconds. I’m a Cowboy fan for life.

    I tell people being a Cowboy Fan “IS A WAY OF LIFE”

  7. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I can add to the baby comment Andre. My wife was due with our second baby Thanksgiving Day back in 1999. I spent most of her pregnancy talking to the baby and explaining that the Boys play every thanksgiving and not to come on that day. I was so hoping he would come after Thanksgiving, but to my surprise he came two months premature and at 2lbs, 8oz. The good news he had no medical issues and is now almost 10.

  8. Nicole V
    Nicole V says:

    Thank God I am not the only one, lol. I have a Cowboys, 2 Cowboys tattoo’s, the car is decorated all Cowboys, when I’m off work I wear nothing but Cowboys cloth, have a Cowboys watch, necklace, earrings,,,and so on. and Season Tickets. Off season is hell. I am in the DFW area as often as I can (live 3 hours away)to be involved in anything Cowboys, ask Shelby 🙂 and I am there very often. Everybody at work thinks I need help, what the heck do they know. I bleed Silver and Blue, just like y’all. Thank God for that. Go Cowboys

  9. Splatter Day Saint
    Splatter Day Saint says:

    I just have my old jerseys and a hat. I have an autographed Michael Irvin ball that i got when i was about 11 years old, back in 1991. When i was a kid, i went to Jay Novaceks football camp in 1992. It was right after they ahd won the Superbowl, and all the Cowboys were there. It was really cool being a kid and doign that stuff. Good memories.

    I guess my point is, Im obsessed with the Cowboys by watching them, talking about them. As far as merchandise goes, i never really got into that though. Its cool to hear how you guys get into it! Awesome stuff.


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