Cowboys National Monument

If there was a national monument built for the Cowboys, what would it be? I think it should be just like Mount Rushmore.

Lets call it Mount Cowboys. Now we have to decide who we think should be on this national monument. If any Cowboys player or staff member had an impact on the Cowboys they should be on this monument. Here are my choices and why I think they deserve to be on Mount Cowboys.

My first choice is the legendary coach Tom Landry. Landry had 20 consecutive winning seasons, 2 Super Bowl titles and was 1966 NFL Coach of the Year. He was the only coach the Cowboys knew until Jerry Jones took over.

My second choice is Roger Staubach. Tom Landry’s quarterback throughout the 69′ to 79′ seasons. He also won 2 Super Bowl titles for coach Landry. Roger was a 6 time Pro-Bowler. Earn the nickname of “Captain Comeback” for many of his come from behind victories.

The third choice for the Mount Cowboys monument is number 22, Emmitt Smith. He is the NFL’s All-Time leading rusher. Just that enough earns him a spot on the monument. Emmitt was elected to the Pro-Bowl 8 times. He was the first player in NFL history to have 5 straight seasons with at least 1,400 rushing yards.

My final and last choice for the Mount Cowboys is Jerry Jones. I know, Some people don’t like Mr. Jones, but what he did was made the Cowboys a dynasty in the 90’s. His buying and trading of Free Agents made all the moves to win 3 championships. He will do everything he can to ensure the Cowboys go to or at least have a shot at being a contender for the Super Bowl. It will be very interesting in the new stadium and the season without T.O.

Here is my choices for the fictional Mount Cowboys monument. If anybody else has another person who deserves to be on this monument let me know. I came up with this as a way to tribute to the Cowboys from past and present. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I had fun writing it.

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  1. KingStunned
    KingStunned says:

    If I was going to add someone to the monument, it would be Mr. Bill Bates. Winning or losing season, he had the same mentality and work ethic of anyone… not to mention heart and a love for the game. Never whined or cried over a contract. He’s a real man’s football player.

  2. Ed Leyro
    Ed Leyro says:

    If Emmitt is on it, then Tony Dorsett shouldn’t be too far behind. He finished with 15,000 all-purpose yards, won Super Bowl XII and played in another (XIII). He also helped lead the team to five NFC championship games. Let’s not forget his NFL record 99-yard TD run.

    On defense, I’d go with Randy White. He was selected to nine Pro Bowls and was All-Pro eight times. He was also recognized for his achievements with an NFC Defensive Player of the Year and an NFL Defensive Lineman of the Year award. Of course, being named Super Bowl Co-MVP for his achievements in Super Bowl XII looks pretty sweet, too!

  3. Burkester
    Burkester says:

    Alright doughboycowboy, if we’re going to throw the word legendary around, we’re gonna get it right. Monuments are for legends. When I think of monument worthy cowboys, two names pop up: Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman. The men downright equal what it means to be a cowboy, right? These two are my pick, cowboy (not to mention NFL) legends to the end!

  4. Raina
    Raina says:

    Once again! I agree with you on all counts! I didn’t care for JJ in the beginning but he has done alot for the boys! I mean look at their new home. For one!

    Coach Landry is #1! When you think Cowboys you think of him and Emmitt!

    love your blogs!


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