Cowboys News: Offensive Talk and Nick Folk Update

There will be no Wildcat offense in Dallas this season, well kind of. The Cowboys are calling their Wildcat formation the Razorback because it features Felix Jones. The formation shows Tony Romo lined up at wide receiver and Patrick Crayton in the shotgun as Jones goes in motion.

“Man, it was great,” said Jones, who was utilized primarily as a decoy. “It brought back old memories. It’s just the first day. I believe we can get a lot better at it. You’ll see a lot more of it, I’m hoping, when the time comes.”

Maybe Jason Garrett is getting the message and wants to do different things in 2009. He needs to take advantage of all his offensive weapons. A few weeks back it was reported that Dallas ran the halfback option pass with Marion Barber throwing a touchdown pass to Patrick Crayton.

In other news Nick Folk is healing from his hip surgery he had after the draft in April. It was reported on that Folk is ready to do some light running on Monday. Folk said he should be able to start kicking a volleyball in mid to late June. A volleyball is lighter and offers less resistance. Dr. Marc Philippon who performed the surgery said Folk should come back stronger and never have an issue with the labrum again.

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