Cowboys Top 50 Players

For those of you who are keeping track of the Cowboys Top 50 players on, they have reached the halfway point. Today they named Jason Witten as number 25. You can see the current list at the following link…

So who are the top 24? Looking over those who have not been named yet this is what I came up with. Although I have no idea how they will be ranked. I have to disagree with a few of the selections so far like Terrell Owens and La’Roi Glover.  I would have put Dennis Thurman and Larry Cole in the Top 50 instead. I think it’s amazing being a fan of an organization that it’s so hard to name 50 of it’s top players all-time.

Emmitt Smith

Troy Aikman

Tony Dorsett

Michael Irvin

Roger Staubach

Drew Pearson

Don Meredith

Bob Hayes

Deion Sanders

DeMarcus Ware

Randy White

Harvey Martin

Charles Haley

Dan Reeves

Don Perkins

Larry Allen

Rayfield Wright

Bob Lilly

Lee Roy Jordan

Chuck Howley

Darren Woodson

Mel Renfro

Mike Ditka

John Fitzgerald

Did I miss anyone? Who will be named number one all-time? I would think Emmitt Smith, but you can also make an argument over so many others like Lilly, Staubach and Meredith. Should be interesting as we move along.

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Top lists are so hard to come up with for this team. Definitely a problem I love to have.

    I would put Emmitt Smith #1. Beyond that its too hard to say, but the Triplets in the top 5 in my opinion.

    1. Emmitt Smith
    2. Troy Aikman
    3. Roger Staubach
    4. Bob Lilly
    5. Michael Irvin

    I have a certain fondness for Troy, but i would understand if Troy and Roger were flipped.

  2. brian
    brian says:

    Bob Lily is Mr. Cowboy…he is the #1 Cowboy of all time.
    Just some facts to support this obvious choice.

    In 1969 the NFL celebrated it’s 50th anniversayr with an
    all 50th team.
    Bob Lily – First Team defensive tackle
    In 1994 the NFL celebrated it’s 75th anniversayr with an
    all 75th team.
    Bob Lily – First Team defensive tackle
    In 1999 the NFL celebrated the millennium with an
    all century team.
    Bob Lily – First Team defensive tackle
    Nuff Said.


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