Ellis Shown The Door, Fans Shove Him Through

The writing was on the wall shortly after the 2007 NFL draft. The Cowboys picked Anthony Spencer, defensive end from Purdue in the first round. The 26th overall pick.

Greg Ellis, an aging veteran coming off a season-ending achilles injury saw the writing and, in turn, expressed himself – as only Greg can do – and voiced his concern about being replaced by the 6′ 3″ 255 lb prospect.

It took two years to happen but here we are. Greg Ellis, after 11 years of service, was officially released Tuesday, June 2, 2009.

I’m not disputing the fact that Ellis’ better days are past him. I’m not disputing the fact that it is time to see what Spencer truly has. These things are part of the NFL. Players get old and the young guns come in and take over. It is a natural cycle, not only in the NFL, but in life. The time has come for young blood.

Here is where I have a problem. No, it’s not with Jerry Jones(not this time anyway). It isn’t with Ellis or Spencer. My problem is with fickle Dallas Cowboys fans that seem to enjoy shoving this guy out the door after 11 years of hard-fought football service with America’s Team.

I dare the majority of these fans to show many anything they’ve done for 11 years with passion, conviction, loyalty and the dedication Ellis has shown this organization.

How soon people forget. It’s the “What have you done for me lately?” generation of football fans that forget Ellis’ 12.5 sacks in 2007 and his Comeback Player of the Year award. They don’t honor his 634 tackles, 36 tackles for losses, 197 quarterback pressures and 77 sacks over the course of the last 11 seasons. All in 162 games 156 in which he started.

All they see is Greg “The Whiner” they call him. Well I respect his honesty and at times I did question his timing. I’m not saying he didn’t have issues but he suited up in the Blue and Silver and gave his blood, sweat and tears for 11 years and, in my humble opinion, that gives him the right to voice his discord when things aren’t going, in his opinion, the way they should. He earned that voice.

We give our opinions every day about The Cowboys and have never put our bodies on the line to defend the Star. Then we’re gonna question this man?

Feel free to post your comments. Good bad or indifferent.

Here’s mine: Thank you, Greg Ellis. It has been an absolute honor to watch you play for the Dallas Cowboys. God bless you and your family. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

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  1. nate
    nate says:

    damn dude. good point. i was one of those you were talking about. not totally, but i definately was a voice for his oust directly after the season ended. him and thomas. hope its not a case of “dont know what youve got, til its gone”…heres to 11 years of hard work on the field defending the star…cheers, greag ellis!!!

  2. KingStunned
    KingStunned says:

    Ellis was a force to be reckoned with for 11 years. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors, preferably outside the NFC East.

  3. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    He was a good player, but why isnt a fan allowed to comment on his whinning and cry baby attitude? he gave us 11 good years..sure but doesnt change the fact he cried to much, much like T.O, hes a big football player that had a great career with Dallas…no fan should be bitter about what he gave us, but to say we cant comment on his personality is quite dumb.

  4. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    I, for one, didn’t even want to see him go. I believe instead of throwing Spencer in full time they should’ve kept Ellis & had part time duties for both. But whatcha gonna do? Appreciate the hard work & dependability over the years Ellis!

  5. coachnuke
    coachnuke says:

    My thoughts exactly Bill. I know that we have talked about this before and real cowboy fans appreciate him for what he did for 11 years. We didn’t need him as a person we needed him as a good player and thats what he was.

  6. cowboyjack
    cowboyjack says:

    I agree. Ellis has been both an outstanding player and leader on the team. I have really had a hard time reading all the posed bashing of him. In fact, the total bashing of the cowboys altogether. I fail to see how you are a “Fan”, when bashing of the team and efforts are all you do. Rarely do I see support and appreciation of what is accomplished. The new “Fan” is beyond me.

    Just color me old.

  7. TD
    TD says:

    Good points for sure….but let’s not forget he wasn’t a VOLUNTEER. He made millions and millions of dollars to do a job “for 11 years with passion, conviction, loyalty and dedication”. It’s sort of like being a good parent….well you are SUPPOSED TO be one. It doesn’t mean its not hard work or without sacrifice, but you are SUPPOSED TO do it. We all work and try our best but for most of us, our entire working career will not add up to one of his season paychecks, and it still wasn’t enough for this guy, it never was. We also know plenty of those people…the ones where it is NEVER enough. He needed the extension, he needed to have his ego stroked, he was adamantly against changing positions to the OLB spot, where he subsequently made his only Pro-Bowl, and many other occurrences that go beyond the past 2 years. Look, it is a business (I hate that term but it’s so true!), he and his family are set for generations, he should have been thankful to the Dallas Cowboys for that, but instead he chose to whine (and he is certainly not the only pro athlete, or even Dallas Cowboy, that does that). So in closing here is my statement to Greg.

    DEAR GREG: Thank you for playing for the Cowboys, I hope you can survive on your multi-millions that Jerry payed you for said employment. Thank you for performing your duties and fulfilling your expectations as a 1st round pick, unlike Bobby Carpenter. I wish you the best and I will certainly miss your annual training camp soap boxes. Until we meet again.

    Sincerely – TD

  8. Splatter Day Saint
    Splatter Day Saint says:

    I ahve to agree with you Bill, these kind of fans really dont add anything to the game, they actually take away. Any true Cowboys fan, first of all, wouldnt act like that.

  9. DCFanatic
    DCFanatic says:

    Here’s something I have done with compassion and conviction for the last 25+ years.

    Root for the Dallas Cowboys.

    When a player starts acting like he’s bigger than the team then I tend not like him as much. Greg Ellis just got done saying in an interview, which I know you saw, that he wished Jerry Jones would have released him two seasons ago.

    Why would he say that? What kind of ‘team player’ and ‘great Cowboy’ blurts out that he wished he wasn’t here for the last two seasons?

    Let’s just sum up his complaints over the last few years.

    He wanted more money at one point: This is when he wasn’t even living up to his status and had have never eclisped the 10 sacks in a season mark. Yet he wanted a long term contract. Jerry finally caved and gave him what he wanted. Maybe rewarding mediocrity is the reason this team hasn’t won a playoff game in 139 years.

    Then Ellis didn’t want to play OLB: So he’s such a team player that he wants the team to play a defense which can allow him to stay at DE. And while playing this DE position he’s not even going to put up anything more than average numbers.

    Then he starts complaining about the Cowboys drafting other LB’s: We’re sorry Greg Ellis that the Cowboys didn’t think the 8 or 9 sacks you were providing were enough to put this defense over the top. Maybe they should have waited until you were 45 before they started making plans to replace your average production.

    All of those instances of him complaining are Greg Ellis caring about Greg Ellis. He never once took a look at his bank account and said maybe I should be happy I have been paid handsomely for being a good, but never great, player for this team.

    Instead of keeping quiet and talking with the team he used the media to try and gain support thru sympathy. The problem was that the fans were smarter than Ellis had acticipated and Ellis also miscalculated just how good of a player he had been in Dallas.

    Now he comes out the day after he’s released from the only NFL home he’s ever known and says he wished he would have been released two years ago. Not only that, but he also went on to say that there was locker room drama which directly contradicts what he said when the season ended.

    The kicker from this all time great Dallas Cowboy? He said he would have no problem playing for another NFC East team. And he was far from ‘broken up’ about moving on in his interview when he was saying that it’s all just a business.

    So to the people who want to take a shot at ‘todays fan’ how about you begin with taking a shot at ‘todays player’ first.

    And trust me, Greg Ellis is the role model for ‘todays player’.

    He wants to act like he’s just a number and a salary then why is it so wrong when the fans return the favor and treat him like the old couch when they toss it out on the curb.

    I think Flozell Adams has been overrated for years now. And I get on him pretty good when he screws up. But when he retires I will throw a party for him. He’s been acting like a true Cowboy for his entire career in Dallas.

    Just like Ellis he’s had injuries and come back from them, had guys drafted to replace him and given us everything in the tank.

    The difference? He did it quietly and he did it with dignity.

    For that Cowboys fans will reward him when he retires.

  10. TD
    TD says:

    What do you think about the “new” multi-million dollar athlete who whines and complains about every little thing?

  11. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    I absolutely Love this man I will remember him for his personality though

    When the Patriots came to Dallas 2 years ago the media was asking Greg about how does it feel to have been chosen by the Cowboys instead of Randy Moss?? Greg replies “Great I have done something Randy will never do…….sack the quarterback”

  12. MattWB1981
    MattWB1981 says:

    I understand your points CowboyBill, and I respect them.

    I appreciate the early years of Greg Ellis! Just what was done and said in the most recent season/years kinda tarnishes everything he did before.

  13. MattWB1981
    MattWB1981 says:

    “He wants to act like he’s just a number and a salary then why is it so wrong when the fans return the favor and treat him like the old couch when they toss it out on the curb.”

    To me this quote says everything to me!



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