Michael Irvin Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing Reality Show Idea

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that three men are claiming interference against Michael Irvin in a lawsuit, saying the former Cowboys star stole their football reality show concept and turned it into a cable TV program.

The men say they approached Irvin in 2007 to pitch their show titled “Guts to Glory,” featuring contestants competing for a spot on a professional football team, according to a lawsuit filed in Dallas County District Court last week.

In May, Irvin’s program, “4th and Long,” debuted on Spike TV. Irvin oversees 12 football amateurs who hope to make a spot on the Cowboys roster.

Irvin’s Dallas-based attorney, Larry Friedman, said his client had thought of the concept several years earlier after he watched the first episode of the reality TV series “American Idol.” Irvin met with dozens of people regarding a reality football program, Friedman said.

Irvin’s attorney went into full damage control mode and have said that Irvin thought of the concept many years before he met with the three men who have filed the suit.

Irvin’s lawyers have said the three men are too young and have very little producing experience. They also said they liken the suit to somebody suing because they invented tic-tac-toe.

The men presented their concept to Irvin and his agent and representative in August 2007, according to the lawsuit, obtained by Courthouse News Service. In the following months, they negotiated an agreement regarding how much money each side would receive.

The agreement first proposed that Irvin and his agent receive 25 percent of a producing fee in connection with the show. In March 2008, Irvin’s representatives told the plaintiffs he wanted 95 percent of the fee, the lawsuit states.

Fourteen months later, “4th and Long” appeared on TV.

There’s always something going on in Cowboys Nation.

I am curious though… How many of you tune in and watch “4th and Long” on a regular basis?

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  1. Sean
    Sean says:

    I watch it every week it has been on and think it is really well done. Very impressed with Irvin and the quality of the program.

  2. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    Its not a bad program, but of course it sucks to every non boys fan, just how it is, but its put together well I think and I enjoy seeing old Cowboy greats showing up for tips and give them a hard time, what Cowboy fan shouldnt like that show? Its football, shows Cowboy things..:)

    Not surprised hes getting sued tho….someones always there to ruin it..always.

  3. DawnyP
    DawnyP says:

    Yes I agrees will everyone on her!!! I love them boys!! You know everyone hates on the Blue and Silver Stars because they know how BRIGHT we shine!!! I love Micheal. Keep handling your biz!!!! GO COWBOYS!!!!

  4. KingStunned
    KingStunned says:

    I refuse to miss it since it involves OUR Dallas Cowboys. They couldn’t have picked 3 better guys to find us “a ball player.” I really love how hard they’re being pushed on every show. Hopefully the winner will come out with the understanding that all they go through on the show is everyday life as a Cowboy. I just haven’t figured out why, since we have issues with special teams, DB’s and receivers, Dallas hasn’t got Irvin, Bates and coach J to be real life coaches for Dallas. I think that would be the key to put us into the big game.


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