Michael Vick Officially Released By Atlanta

Today Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons have officially finalized the divorce with Michael Vick. Vick, if reinstated. will resume his NFL career with another club.

There have been rumors of San Fransisco wanting Vick to join the club this coming season but nothing to really hang your hat on.

First of all Vick needs to prove to Roger Goodell he is worthy of wearing the NFL shield again, then he has to get back into shape. There are just so many things going against him right now.

Vick has alot of work to do.

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  1. larry mclean
    larry mclean says:

    I think whoever pick him up will make there team alot better his past is in the past we all have done things that we have had to regret but he has paid his debt.so let it go we all have skeletons in our closets give him an chance at life.

  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    He made a mistake there will be people who will always hold a grudge againjst him for the things he did but he is not perfect and truthfully it is not our place to judge him anyway. People have done way worse than this and are playing in the league or other pro sports give him a chance!!!

  3. Full Metal Black
    Full Metal Black says:

    I hope Vick can get his life together. Its hard enough being a black man with a record against you, but your a high profile criminal, so it has to be hell. I think he’s going to the CFL.


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