No Ring of Honor Ceremony For New Stadium

According to a report by Tim MacMahon of the Dallas Morning News, there will be no new inductee into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor in the upcoming season.

Some fans have openly wondered whether some of the traditions of our former stadium would continue in the new Cowboys Stadium and according to Jerry Jones, the Ring of Honor will continue on.

At a ceremony in which 12 oak trees were transplanted from Texas Stadium in Irving to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Jones said there will not be a Ring of Honor ceremony this year.

“But it will be every bit as emphasized in the new stadium as it was at Texas Stadium,” Jones said.

The Cowboys have not inducted any players into the Ring of Honor since the Triplets – Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith – were added on Sept. 19, 2005. Here are the current members…

No. Name Date of Induction
74 Bob Lilly Nov. 23, 1975
17 Don Meredith Nov. 7,1976
43 Don Perkins Nov. 7, 1976
54 Chuck Howley Oct. 30, 1977
20 Mel Renfro Oct. 25, 1981
12 Roger Staubach Oct. 9, 1983
55 Lee Roy Jordan Oct. 29, 1989
HC Tom Landry Nov. 7, 1993
33 Tony Dorsett Oct. 9, 1994
54 Randy White Oct. 9, 1994
22 Bob Hayes Sept. 23, 2001
GM Tex Schramm Oct. 12, 2003
43 Cliff Harris Oct. 10, 2004
70 Rayfield Wright Oct. 10, 2004
8 Troy Aikman Sept. 19, 2005
88 Michael Irvin Sept. 19, 2005
22 Emmitt Smith Sept. 19, 2005

I thought it would be a nice gesture to open the new stadium with a grand ceremony honoring the latest inductee and at the same time christening the stadium with some of our former glory. But I guess we will have to wait it out at least another year.

Too bad… There are so many former Cowboys who really deserve to be honored and I was hoping to see one of them get in this year.


In other stadium news, the Cowboys have yet to pick a place for the Tom Landry statue at the new stadium but it will be done before the season begins according to team officials.

Memo to Jerry Jones: GIT-R-DONE!

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    There are quite a few Cowboys that deserve to be in the ROH. I love that it only includes the elite and therefore makes it one of the biggest honors of our team.

    Going back to the Top 50, there are just so many GREAT Cowboys, its hard to say who should go.

    We have a couple of great years ahead of us in regards to our stadium, with the debut of the stadium this year, and the Super Bowl next year.

    It should be a nice journey, hopefully our ‘Boys match the greatness on the field.


  2. James edwards
    James edwards says:

    The stadium is beautriful and there are plenty of players who have worn the star that are great but the ROH is reserved for the top notch Cowboys the players that brought the star to prominence. Our franchise is the best of the best and the ROH should reflect that so I do agree not to put anybody in this year, yes we have great players that are not on but none that are on the level of Staubach, or Landry

  3. Gary
    Gary says:

    I heard two of the twins, Emmitt Smith & Troy Aikman are playing in the legends sports challenge! I would love to go see that!


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