Rock, Paper, Scissors

I was going to write this post about how formidable our rushing attack will be with our 3 headed monster in Jones, Barber, and Choice and it hit me. The classic hand game ROCK PAPER SCISSORS fits them perfectly.

Barber #24of course will be the rock. He is know for seeking out contact and punishing defenders. In Chicago while playing the Bears 2 seasons ago Barber absolutely destroyed Adam Archuleta, safety for the Bears. Who can forget him just slapping Asante Samuel in the head with a stiff arm going out of bounds against the Patriots… or the greatest 2-yard run ever when he ran through the entire Patriots team. Barber is a beast and in my mind has another nickname besides the “Barbarian”…….“The Rock”.

Felix Jones #28 will be the Paper, just gliding through the defense effortlessly, making them all look as if he is standing still. Jones got hurt about midway through last season but was showing his explosiveness and his desire to win along with his love of the star. Jones is so fast, last year in Dallas against Washington he got a toss play to the right and just ran up the entire sideline by the whole Redskins team on his way to a touchdown. Felix may not have all the highlights as Barber (YET) but trust me he will. Felix Jones is “Paper”.

Tashard Choice #23 was sort of accidentally discovered last season because of a foot injury to Barber and a hamstring injury to Jones. Choice ran excellent against the league’s best defenses Pittsburgh, Baltimore and the NY Giants. He had 88 yards in Pittsburgh as a starter, 90 yards starting against Baltimore, and coming off the bench against NY he earned 91 yards on only 9 attempts. Cutting defenses was Choice’s choice last year. He was a basically unknown and playing with a chip on his shoulder and with a passion and love of the game. Choice played in only 10 games, started only 3, and had 92 carries for a 5.1 rushing average, 472 yards and 2 touchdowns, now if that is not cutting your opposition to threads, what is?? Choice will be known as “Scissors”.

Now this is just something I am throwing out there. Let me know what you guys think of the nicknames.


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  1. Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley says:

    James great post but felix did not get a single carry against washington so u have teams mixed up there……just needed to point that out so your post is totally correct

  2. nate
    nate says:

    the 60 yard touchdown run was at green bay… he then ran a 33 yard td two weeks later vs. cincinntti, but youre right josh, he never faced washington, either game…as for rock paper scissors, i like it…very creative, james…good job…

  3. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    No matter what we call them, they are going to be deadly and I’m extremely excited to be back on top of the running game! Nice post James!

  4. bradlee
    bradlee says:

    On the Cowboys official website I have posted these nicknames for the 3RB several times.

    SNAP – (Because his great speed)
    CRACKLE – (Cause the way he just crackles through the open holes)Haha!!!
    POP- Barber (he will pop you straight in the mouth)(It just fits him)

    I also like RPS…btw..I like both of these……….What do you’ll think of these????????


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