T-New Has Tons of Confidence in Young Secondary

Terence Newman has stepped up this week into his leadership role and has a lot of confidence in the secondary this season. Other than Newman, the faces will be young and refreshing this upcoming season. There is no more Roy Williams, Keith Davis, Anthony Henry or Pacman Jones. It’s time to embrace Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick, and that’s exactly what Terence Newman has done.

“I think we’re going to be one of the top secondaries out there. We’ve got all the talent.”

While Newman’s health is always questionable, his own talent has never been doubted. He is an excellent mentor to these young stars, and he should be applauded for embracing that role.

There is nothing more motivating than when your veterans take charge and get the young guys to follow their lead.

The Cowboys defense has several leaders in their prime with Bradie James, DeMarcus Ware and Terence Newman. James is 28, Ware is 26 and Newman is 30. Along with these three veterans the Cowboys have added a lot of talent to their already powerful lineup. Despite several big names like Greg Ellis and Chris Canty leaving Dallas, the defense is still extremely strong and talented.

It’s definitely something to get excited about!

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Very excited!!! I want to be top five in defense this season. I want non stop pressure and many int and fumble returns. For those of you who remember the early 80’s when we had one of the best secondaries with Everson Walls, Michael Downs, Ron Fellows and Dennis Thurman. They would always come up with the big pick in almost every game. Thurman’s Thieves is what they were called. Now we can go with T-New’s Turnover Crew.

  2. Dartball
    Dartball says:

    I want to see many Turnovers especially Interceptions from this Secondary Group.. I remember Thurman’s Thieves!!

  3. KingStunned
    KingStunned says:

    Yes, we do have all the tools to be THE dominant defense in the NFL this season. There would be nothing better than having the opposing team’s offense soil themselves knowing that we’re gunning for them. Images of the Waterboy come to mind as I write this. “Coach Wade said I could open a can of whoop ass.” Cowboys From Hell 2009!!!!!!!!

  4. nate
    nate says:

    “Cowboys From Hell 2009!!!!!!!!”
    great nickname for this year’s d…
    i could just see it now, pantera over the loud speakers as d-ware pops eli’s head off…


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