The Fall Of Owens

Understanding Owens strategy to ruling the receivers position in the National Football League.

By now, every human being is sick at hearing the name Owens. I will make this painless.

Terrell Owens was drafted by the 49ers a first class franchise with five titles. Owens was groomed by the master himself Jerry Rice. With training from Rice, Owens should go on to have a legendary career.

Would Owens be satisfied with the 49ers and Garcia as his QB?


Terrell would demand a trade.

Owens would be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. This franchise has a tremendous history with several playoff and super bowl appearances. Donovan McNabb is the starting qb for the Eagles. McNabb is 5 time pro bowler.

Would Owens be satisfied with the Eagles and McNabb as his QB?


This experiment would end in a disaster. Owens would chastise and harass McNabb for the brief two years stint.

Eagle fans and the franchise would send Owens to the unemployment department.

Terrell would find work. The Dallas Cowboys would sign Owens. The Cowboys are the greatest franchise in Professional Football. The Cowboys have been to more super bowls than any other franchise.

The Cowboys have more fans outside Dallas than in. This is America’s team. I would work as a Janitor for this franchise.

It doesn’t get any better or higher than the Dallas Cowboys. Would Terrell finally be appeased?


Terrell’s antics would force Bill Parcells to quit as the Cowboys Coach. Parcells would never get a chance to rebuild the Cowboys into champions.

After a three year tenure with the Cowboys would be released.

Every avenue and bridge has been torched.

One team decides to take a chance on Owens. The Mighty Buffalo Bills.

The Buffalo Bills are cursed. This teams legacy is tainted. OJ Simpson and the 4 super bowl loses in a row, have left this franchise hopeless.

The only excitement in Buffalo is changing the street lights. This city has a personality of John Doe.

Nobody moves to Buffalo. It’s population decreases each year. Economically it’s a snail.

The only way to revive this franchise is to move it to a first class city like Toronto. 

The Bills starting QB is Trent Edwards. Edwards has zero pro bowls.  Edwards may fall into the J.P. Losman realm. If Owens is not satisfied with Romo, Garcia or McNabb, how long will it take before he condemns Edwards?

Odds makers are reporting the Owens- Buffalo Bills relationship will last 90 days.

The Mighty have fallen…

Robert McGlinchey

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    No more Owens. 🙂 Cann’t handle it anymore!!! Just wait until that first cold and windy day in Buffalo.

  2. KingStunned
    KingStunned says:

    He is Buffalo’s problem now. Terrell who? We have Roy E. Williams! Mr. University of TEXAS BABY!!!!!!!!!

  3. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    Im very glad T.O the cancer is off this team. I will admit I was sad/shocked to see him go cause when he shuts his mouth he makes great plays (when he dont have records drops in the process) but still….I just wish he wouldnt live in the past. Its going to be a long off season and a long season for Owens..he just doesnt know how to keep his mouth shut..what will he ever do on the Bills? They..well I wont get into that..good luck T.O ya freaking douchebag cry baby! Im tired of his sh**, done, nadda, zilch, please just stfu TO!

  4. Riggs
    Riggs says:

    I still want to know why Roy is getting nailed to the wall saying he doesnt have game but yet killed us and tore it up playing Dallas…I dont understand critics, hes good but not good once he gets on Dallas. I cant WAIT til Roy proves them all wrong…he has great hands and makes a play, not like Owens who just hopes the ball falls into the route hes running, should be a good season for sure! Peace.

  5. cowboyjack
    cowboyjack says:

    Again, I agree. Why is the main interest of the boggers still TO? He is no longer a PLAYER for Dallas. He is no part of our team. I know this is a slow news season for football, but COME ON. give us a break. WE are done with TO. When is the media going to close this book?

  6. Josh Bradley
    Josh Bradley says:

    kelly i ask for a rule for us how bout no one ever post any more about T.O. unless hes injured dead or tried to attack romo 🙂 im sick of having to read about him


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