2009 Projected Offensive and Defensive Leaders

Hello again to everyone, I hope that you had a good week. We would all like to know how the Cowboys will do this year and I wanted to throw my predictions out there. Due to our inexperienced and young wide receivers, I believe that we will be focusing more on the run, especially since we have three healthy and good running backs. I think the Cowboys will be able to run the ball more and take a little pressure off of QB Tony Romo. If the offensive line can give us some good blocking on running plays we should have a great year. Here are my projections for the offense and defense for this year. Of course I could always be wrong, lets hope I am and they do better.

OFFENSE 24 pts per game

  • QB Tony Romo 24 TDs 10 INTS
  • RB Marion Barber 170 rushes 1,014 yards 10 TDs
  • RB Felix Jones 120 rushes 600 yards 7 TDs
  • RB Tashard Choice 60 rushes 270 yards 2 TDs
  • TE Jason Witten 80 receptions 900 yards 5 TDs
  • WR Roy Williams 75 receptions 1,040 yards 10 TDs

DEFENSE 56 sacks

  • LB Demarcus Ware 17 sacks
  • CB Terence Newman 5 INTs

It is fun to be able to try and predict what the Cowboys will do, so feel free to come up with your own projections. We should all be getting hyped up about the new season since training camp begins at the end of the month. GO COWBOYS!!!

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I didn’t think the Cowboys were playing in 2009 since all the so-called experts are saying we are dead without a certain wide receiver.
    Anyway…Those are some good predictions. I’m hearing that Barber might go back to his ’07 role and have Jones be the starter. If that is the case than I would reverse those two predictions. I also see Romo throwing for at least 30 TDs.

  2. William Howell
    William Howell says:

    Yes, if Jones does become the starter, which I am not sure will happen, but if he does then I would switch them for sure. The Cowboys will be fine.

  3. Raina
    Raina says:

    Nice blog! I think Romo will have more TD’s and Felix will have 1,000 yard season along with the beast! Choice will be close to 1,ooo. I hope! lol


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