Let The Rookie Signing Begin!

As in past years with Jerry Jones he starts to negotiate with his draft picks a week before training camp starts. The first signings are in as of this evening and all are to believed four year deals, but that is not confirmed.

4th RD – Victor Butler  DE/LB

5th RD – DeAngelo Smith S/CB

6th RD – Stephen Hodge LB

6th RD – John Phillips TE

7th RD – Manuel Johnson WR

7th RD – Mike Mickens CB

Still left to be signed

3rd RD – Jason Williams LB

3rd RD – Robert Brewster T

4th RD – Stephen McGee QB

4th RD – Brandon Williams DE

5th RD – Michael Hamlin S

5th RD – David Buehler K

None of the remaining unsigned draft picks are expected to miss the start of training camp next week. Let’s get this thing started!!!

  1. Kelly Horn

    Thats alot of rookies!

  2. TW601

    The Cowboys are gonna be a very young and a very good team for years to come once we get a great coach who can get the most out of our role players as well as our superstars.