And So The War Of Words Begins

Not only do I hate the Giants more than any other team in the NFL, but now I have to hear that Brandon Jacobs is talking trash about Tony Romo. Instead of talking about other players maybe he needs to focus on staying healthy for an entire season. Or maybe do some trash talking about a guy he needs to face like DeMarcus Ware or Jay Ratliff. In the last six games against the Cowboys Jacobs has averaged just 60 yards a game, so I doubt he would even think about talking bad about the Dallas defense.

Jacobs said of Tony Romo..

“I don’t think he’s that good a passer, to be honest with you,” Jacobs said.

“I’m not a fan of Tony Romo, no. Keep him in the pocket, he’s not that good. . . . His luck will be gone sooner or later. If you were to keep Tony Romo in the pocket he’s not that effective.”

Is he kidding himself? Let’s not count Romo’s first game against the Giants since he came in off the bench replacing Drew Bledsoe. In the five games Romo has started against the Giants he is 4-1. Yes, Dallas lost to the Giants in the playoffs, but that does not go against Romo in my opinion. That loss was because of 12 stupid penalties and two mistakes by Patrick Crayton.

2006 – Romo is 20 for 34 for 257 yards. No TDs and 2 INTs. Won 23-20

2007 – Romo is 15 for 24 for 345 yards. 4 TDs and 1INT. Won 45-35

2007 – Romo is 20 for 28 for 247 yards. 4 TDs and 1 INT. Won 31-20

2007 Playoffs –  Romo is 18 for 36 for 201 yards. 1 TD and 1 INT. Lost 21-17

2008 – Romo is 20 for 30 for 244 yards. 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Won 20-8

Tony Romo is averaging almost 260 yards a game against the Giants. 11 TDs and 5 INTs. Maybe Jacobs needs to take a look at the numbers before he shoots off his mouth. Although shooting and the Giants do go hand-in-hand. Sorry, it had to be said.

The Boys will be waiting for Jacobs and the Giants September 20th at the new Cowboys Stadium. I for one can not wait.

On a side note about the Giants. It was said on NFL Network this week by Marshall Faulk that he did not believe Eli Manning would be hurt by losing both his starting wide receivers from 2008. One of them (Burress) was his #1 receiver. Here is my question…Why is that when it comes to the Giants and Manning it’s not a big deal to lose their #1 receiver, but with the Cowboys and Romo losing their #1 receiver the entire Dallas Cowboys world is falling apart? Like I mentioned to Kelly the other day, the whole thing gets me so angry. This is all the more reason why I hope the Boys put together a great season and hold that Lombardi Trophy high this season.

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  1. Full Metal Black
    Full Metal Black says:

    God, I hate everything Giant related! Honestly, why did Jacobs talk? He’s not like Barber who need very little help from the O-Line to murder a defence. Bad I’m with you on that, Eli isn’t his brother! They always do that. This is the year for the Cowboys to put stones to the NFL and all of its haters.

  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    They only bad thing is Roy was kinda the Jacobs stopper, but Brandon does have a big mouth, and we already hate the Giants just imagine the hell tehy will get coming into the grand opening of our new stadium.

    Bring it Jacobs just bring it

  3. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Rob, you continue to impress us with your genius! As for Jacobs, what’s a mental midget like him doing on a team called the Giants?

  4. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Thanks Joe. I appreciate that. Can’t stand the Giants or their fans. I’ve said it a million times, if the Cowboys were only going to win two games every season I would just want them to beat the Giants twice. Come on home opener…Boys win 34-13.

  5. Dazzy
    Dazzy says:

    who cares what this overrated idiot has to say about our general.
    in the words of The Rock….JUST BRING IT!!!!
    D-Ware is gonna lay the smackdown on his candy ass!!!


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