Bradie Wants You to Join the James Gang

Three years ago after being a faithful Terry Glenn lover, I decided to change my favorite Dallas player to Bradie James. I’m not exactly sure what moment I realized Bradie was ‘the one’ but I just remember watching this guy and seeing how exciting and fun it was to see him make a tackle. I believe its fair to say Bradie has not let me down since I dubbed him my favorite current Cowboy.

Bradie James was the sixth drafted linebacker in the 2003 draft, being taken by the Cowboys in the 4th round. What a steal! Every year since being drafted his numbers have risen, with last season being his best thus far. In his 7 year career he has collected 13.5 sacks and last year alone he earned 8 of those. He also had a career high 116 tackles.

In 2007 Bradie’s teammates elected him defensive team captain and in 2008, when the NFL first allowed defensive radio helmets, he was chosen to wear the communication device.

James has started every game in the past 5 years without fail, and every season he becomes more and more of a leader for this team. He has embraced this leadership role by taking control on the field and speaking to the media off the field. We all know how much the Cowboys are in the media and it’s comforting to know that James is a vocal and honest voice who takes pride in his team.

Bradie established Foundation56 in 2007, a foundation dedicated to fight breast cancer, in honor of his beloved mother whose life was taken in 2002. He also helps kids in his hometown of West Monroe, LA by hosting a youth football camp every summer.

This summer Bradie James has gone above and beyond with “James Gang Back-to-School Jam Pack Contest”. Not only was Bradie raised by a teacher, but he always excelled academically and realizes the importance of education.

“I’ve always done my football camps in the summertime. But I’m trying to attack it from an academic standpoint, because when you go to college, you’re not just an athlete, you’re a student athlete. My whole message is if you can compete on the football field, or the basketball court or whatever your respective sport is, you need to compete in the classroom.”

The James Gang Back-to-School Jam Pack Contest is giving away backpacks, school supplies and Cowboys memorabilia to ten lucky students. Two students will also receive an autographed #56 jersey. Those wishing to register can learn more and sign up at

Oh how I wish I was a student again…

I look forward to many more years cheering this lifetime Cowboy on. His contract runs out in 2011 but if he continues to play like he has his first 7 years, I’m positive Jerry will keep him a Cowboy for life. These days it’s extremely hard to find a dedicated, passionate leader who speaks up for the team and continues to improve his game every season. We have definitely found that in #56.

Here’s to many more prosperous years of Bradie James leading the way.

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  1. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    Not only has James gotten better each season, but his best is yet to come. I love Bradie James too. He is one of the most underrated players on the team and in the NFL. I’m excitied about his role in what is going to be a great Cowboys season!

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    He is one of those players that doesn’t make headlines but is one of the best players we have. He is quite and dangerous! Great article Kelly!


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