Cowboys Extra Points: Leadership, Legal Battles and a Ticket Giveaway

According to a USA TODAY article, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke up about Tony Romo:

“Contrary to some, I think he’s a natural leader.”

“I think his leadership role will naturally foment; his position and his talent at that position, and him exerting leadership is a big ingredient to us winning. … His awareness of his leadership responsibility is encouraging.”


Martellus Bennett speaks up about the team and his youtube channel MartyBTv. Bennett says the locker room was never split and a lot of the rumors just weren’t true. He says this is “a whole new team and a whole new season”.


The DMN reported that litigations for the roof collapse from May 2nd are about to begin. Rich Behm has hired a high profile Dallas lawyer who admitted they have no plans to sue the Cowboys, and in fact can’t sue the Cowboys because of the workers’ compensation has received. Behm’s lawyer will be going after the company who built the structure that collapsed and left Behm paralyzed from the waist down.


Former Cowboy Greg Ellis has caused a stir once again this time from the Michael Irvin Show on ESPN radio. Ellis reportedly claimed that DeMarcus Ware would come off the field so that Ellis could get playing time. Here is what Ellis said:

“It’s a disgrace when DeMarcus Ware comes off the field just so I can get in the game and when the coaches tell him to come on the field, he tries to hide so I can play. And you’re telling me we’re trying to win the Super Bowl?”

“He would say, ‘G, come on.’ And I would tell him, ‘No, DeMarcus, go ahead, man. You’re coming up on your contract year. Don’t mess that stuff up. Go ahead and do you, and we’re just going to do what the coaches, or whoever the powers that be, what they want to do.'”

DeMarcus Ware was on the The Ticket this morning and of course they brought up Ellis’ comments. Ware responded:

“You know, I just think that everybody got an ample amount of playing time, for what it was worth. At the end of the day, if I was off the field, there was a reason why I was off the field. Maybe Greg rushed the passer better against a certain guy. But I think at the end of the day, the time that guys got is how it is.”

Ware is just a great guy, what else can you say.


Now for some awesome news for Cowboys fans:

The website based out of Arlington is giving tickets away to the Dallas Cowboys home opener on September 20th versus the New York Giants.

The contest runs from July 1 – August 31, 2009. The winner will be announced on September 4th.

Please visit their website for details and instructions on how to enter their contest. Here is the link:

Dallas Cowboys Ticket Give-Away!

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