Dallas Cowboys Receiver Situation

In my opinion, the Dallas Cowboys did a good thing by releasing Terrell Owens earlier this year. Yes he scored touchdowns, but he also had a lot of crucial dropped passes. By releasing him they have now made way for the younger receivers to show what they can do.

We will now rely on WR Roy Williams who did a lot of great things while in Detroit. He will be the number one receiver. We also have Patrick Crayton. In my opinion, Crayton will only be an average receiver because he tends to make crucial mistakes.

It’s time that our young receivers step up and show that they have made progress since they have joined the Cowboys. Miles Austin has shown flashes of being a good receiver; he has speed and can make the clutch catch. Sam Hurd had made catches, although he is not that fast and he has been hurt. So far, he has not really convinced me that he will be great.

Then we have the often injured Isaiah Stanback. I believe the Cowboys should go ahead and let this guy go. He has tried to make the switch from QB to WR. While he may have been successful, with him being injured every year, it’s hard to say if he could pull it off. We could release him to make room for another receiver or at least another player that could help us now.

It remains to be seen whether these young receivers will fulfill the promise they have shown. If not, we may be looking for a couple more receivers later this year and another average season may be what we get.

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  1. nate
    nate says:

    good job william. i agree with the stanback idea. i wish we would do it before camp though so we could get someone in to learn the offense during camp. i think jerry is gonna wait and see on this one though. ogletree, manual johnson and (if he wins next week) jesse holly from 4th and long will all have an outside chance on making the final cut. holly reminds me a lot of stanback. i’ll be rooting 4 him.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Two words…Stay Healthy. I think these guys have been injured enough to last a lifetime. I think Hurd, Austin and Crayton can do some good things on the field. Less than two weeks until camp!!!!

  3. James edwards
    James edwards says:

    I am really worried about our WR situation, its alot of I think, and he should.

    A verteran is who we should go out and get just to sure things up, Marvin Harrison is still unsigned last I checked.

  4. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I’m hearing that Marvin Harrison’s knee is worse than people know. What about Koren Robinson. He did pretty well for the Seahawks last season

  5. James Edwads
    James Edwads says:

    The problem with Robinson just like Harrison is that if I remember right he was 1 of teh I think 6 or 7 Seahawk recievers taht was hurt all year last year.

  6. soberstar06
    soberstar06 says:

    I think we should hold on and see what stanback makes out off in training camp and keep the best player of stanbach and the 4th and long winner holley at least thats what I heard that won.


  7. Douglas Bete
    Douglas Bete says:

    In my humble opinion, I think that Dallas will have many difficulties with these WR and they will not show a game when the Dallas Cowboys.
    I think Jason Witten, Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Martellus will be our salvation.
    I love the Dallas Cowboys.
    Teacher Douglas Bete
    Sorocaba SP


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