Final Thoughts on Steve McNair

The Nashville Police have officially ruled the death of NFL star Steve MvNair a murder-suicide.

McNair was first shot in the right temple then 2 times in the chest, then one final shot to the left temple, McNair’s girlfriend then shot herself in the head.

Gruesome details kept coming Wednesday from the police, and it hurts more every time. Memorials have been set up at LP Field where fans can go inside free of charge and watch McNair’s highlights on the video boards.

Former teammates Derek Mason and Eddie George  will be speaking at the funeral along with former head coach Jeff Fisher.

It hurts to see a legend go and that is exactly what McNair is. I am privileged to have been able to watch McNair and all his greatness on the field. He was a great man with many charities and loved his community and they in return loved him back.

The circumstances surrounding his death are irrelevant at this point. We should remember him for the great person he was instead of condemning him for his imperfections, we should love him for them because in the end it’s the imperfections that make us all great.

We love you Steve McNair, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

R.I.P. Steve McNair (1973-2009)

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  1. graphicdude
    graphicdude says:

    Watched some of the memorial ceremony….I have one comment. Derek Mason…class act! What he said tonight was directed to Mechelle and the two boys and was absolutely what they needed to hear. He took the focus off Steve’s heroics and put it on what is left behind. He sent chills up my arms and as a father of two myself even brought a tear to my eye. Great speech Derek…Class Act!

  2. KingStunned
    KingStunned says:

    Steve McNair will be sorely missed by all of the people who were fortunate enough to watch him play the game he loved so dearly. He may not have been a Cowboy, but his kindness and generosity off the field makes up for that. He was a great man and quarterback. May God bless his family and friends during this very exhausting time of sorrow. Rest In Peace Steve McNair and God bless you.


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