I Miss It All

footballWatching all the offseason news, from Brandon Marshall to Anquan Boldin, Jay Cutler to Brett Favre; from tragedies like our practice facility accident to the tragic and sudden loss of Air McNair. All of this made me realize I miss football. As a true fan of my Dallas Cowboys and football in general – football is indeed a part of me.

I miss the fall afternoons and the Sunday nights, the great battles of the NFC East, and even the tragedy that was the Detroit Lions last season. I miss NFL Live. I miss Devin Hester and his amazing returns. I miss Adrian Peterson and the spectacular defense in Baltimore and in Pittsburgh.

I miss the Monday Night Football enchiladas and chips and the Sunday Night bragging rights when Dallas would win. I miss arguing with my mama (who is a NY Giants fan) non-stop about who’s team is better.

But most of all I miss the game in general.

As we the fans prepare for our tailgating and our face paint and our respective teams begin the journey to their respective training camp locations – we all embark on one thing. That one goal that every team has, yet only one team a year can realize. We put ourselves and our everyday lives on the line for one day in early February, WHY??…. So our team can enjoy the life of a champion and we as fans can live that with them.

So fans, wives, daughters, husbands, sons, house pets – get ready because its football season once again!

*****GO COWBOYS*****

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Very well said. You can not beat a good football game on a fall day as it’s getting cooler outside and the leaves are falling from the trees. Love it!!!! Take note the next time you are watching Rudy when he first gets to the Notre Dame campus and all the different color leaves are falling onto the grass with the music in the background. Nothing like football which is why I say football is like air, we need it to survive!!

  2. James Edwards
    James Edwards says:

    It’s something magical in the air in August and September you can just feel it 32 NFL teams are starting their seperate journies and and it’s amazing to watch,

  3. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    I miss DeMarcus Ware’s sacks, Bradie James’ tackles (and celebrations afterward), Tony Romo’s amazing escapes, Nick Folk’s dead on field goals, Marion Barber’s punching runs, Jerry Jones’ trips to the sidelines after a win… OMG its football season!!!


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