Injury Bug Starting Already, Update On Draft Picks

It’s been reported by ESPN that rookie offensive lineman Robert Brewster will miss the entire 2009 season. Brewster apparently suffered at torn pectoral muscle following the June mini-camps. Big loss for an offensive line that really needed to develop some depth.

“I can’t even tell you how disappointed he is,” Brewster’s agent, Cliff Brady said. “I’m trying to keep him positive, [saying] ‘Look, let’s just take this year to work on you and your body and learn the system. You can miss a lot or as little as possible depending on how smart you are.’ He’s a smart kid. He just wants to play so bad.”

“It’s a real disappointing man . . . you don’t even know,” Brewster said late Monday afternoon. “I was supposed to come in and help the team and I was supposed to get in there and start learning. It’s real disappointing especially because I’ve never been injured before. I started all the games in college, and I never missed one. So now that I’m going to miss my whole rookie year, I can’t believe it.”

“I really didn’t know what my role would be this year,” Brewster said. “But I was just trying to learn as much as I could. I will tell you this . . . you won’t see anyone come back stronger than I will. I am going to use this as motivation as much as I can. If this is going to be my ‘redshirt’ year, that’s fine. But I will try to make this a positive for me.

“It’s just tough right now because the off-season was going so great for me. I was working really hard with (strength and conditioning coach Joe Juraszek). Working with Joe, I never missed a day. I was even getting extra work in. I was changing my entire body. I was at the point where I was the strongest I’ve ever been.”

“I was in the weight room and it wasn’t any different this time. We were in there, going hard like we have all summer,” Brewster said. “I was busting my tail and as I got to my last rep, I just felt like someone pinched me in the arm. And then I heard a big pop in my arm. I found out it was my pec. I couldn’t believe it.”

Three more draft picks signed four year deal on Monday. Brandon Williams (LB), Michael Hamlin (S) and David Buehler (K) will be reporting to camp on time. That leaves three draft picks that need to be signed in the next 24 hours. Jason Williams (LB), Stephen McGee (QB) and Robert Brewster (OL) are now on the clock to be signed. Once Brewster is signed he will most likely be placed on the physically unable to perform list. All three are expected to be signed in time.

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